Cura settings and workarounds

by MB3Y

Just want to share this one with you - in case you want to use Cura as a slicer for multi extrusion setup.
It describes how to setup and tweek your gcode for the specifics of the Rostock

  • Temperature drops that are not too fast compensated for (like adding external fan) (M109 -> M104)
  • Changing temperature of inactive extruder is taken into account instead of ignored (M104 Tx S0 -> comment these out)
  • Cura specific tweek to keep your initial M109 to wait for a print to start until your printing temp is reached.


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What I did to make it work

by hobie77

Replaced stock board with Rumba, and the hotend with E3DV6 Original.
Removed the 2 extra extruders, only running one anyways.
Printing easy at 50mm/s :) and can probably go higher.
Quite nice prints too.
And, made myself an working cheap auto bedleveling "probe" for it. You can check my things.

Now I use it on an daily basis. :)

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I can not do AutoHome.(Printer head does not stop at home posit)

by dcm102

I can not do AutoHome when I finish assembling and testing.
Still unknown cause.
somebody help.
Manufacturers will not tell me in detail.

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My Geeetech Rostock 301 Lessons learned

by chris_schwindt

This is a collection of my observations and hacks for the Geeetech Rostock 301 printer kit

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by D4M

I thought i'd just say hi, i was about to startup a group for my new 301 and it recommended this, i've been using 3d printers for nearly 2 years and have a lot of knowledge with cartesians but this is my 1st delta and i'm struggling to find much online about problems and solutions.

It'd be nice to share what problems we have and how we come to fix them, Ill be doing a lot of testing over the following weeks and will document anything i find.


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Not Working?

by Ilslaoaycd

I can't get it to run, I think i am running the wrong G-Code, what flavor does it use? Also any cura 3 software settings would be nice.

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Diamond hotend issues

by bfince

a new 301 with diamond hotend arrived today and something is not right, maybe you can help

  • under extrusion (extruder steppers are busting their a.. off but nothing)
  • this nozzle is not 0.4 as indicated, 0.2 maybe 0.3 but not 0.4
  • pushed the bowden as far as it goes, but clogging is inevitable. I tried to cut a milimeter longer bowden and changed the push fittings with regular ones and screw tightened them to ensure the maximum contact in nozzle, hence nothing...

(killed two nozzles already,)

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by PuffyQuail

Can this printer produce smooth color gradients while printing?
How do you add colors to the print? Do they come with the .stl file?
What is the accuracy at 40 mms?
Is it well built?
can you make full color rainbow gradients?
What program does it use?
Can you edit the colors before printing?
Is this a good printer?
Thanks so much!

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A question about mixing

by chris_schwindt

I printed a calibration object and set the mixer to 33, 33, and 34% (red, yellow, blue) and the printed object looks like it has wood grain. It also seems more reddish on two sides and more greenish on the other sides. Has anyone else experienced this?

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