Cura settings and workarounds

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Just want to share this one with you - in case you want to use Cura as a slicer for multi extrusion setup.
It describes how to setup and tweek your gcode for the specifics of the Rostock

  • Temperature drops that are not too fast compensated for (like adding external fan) (M109 -> M104)
  • Changing temperature of inactive extruder is taken into account instead of ignored (M104 Tx S0 -> comment these out)
  • Cura specific tweek to keep your initial M109 to wait for a print to start until your printing temp is reached.


Most recent updates to my post processor - and an example of what it can do now.

The batchfile has a small "howto" indicating what extruders are used to do the initial processing with Cura 4.0.0-BETA-2 and you can read the different postprocessing steps from it in order to come to this result in the make link above

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Updated and much advanced version of the segmentation I was talking about before.
The example of the benchy is not useable as is on the Rostock (segmented for 6 extruders...) but it demonstrates what is possible.
and for the rest: the result is NOT a segmented print, rather a nice smear/bleed, with a stress to a certain color in tha area - see the "B"example!

Angle_offset is not yet debugged, but that is the only thing.
ZbraFying also to be done.

Rough versions: drag and drop a gcode onto the .exe and it will update your file to be compatible with the remarks above.
It will also attempt to copy your file to g:\ drive (which is my fixed SDcard drive obviously)
More config options and improvements are obviously possible.

PS: rename xex to exe...

PPS: It is basically meant to add shading to an object, but I'm less happy about the result so far...
Intention is to have a bit of dark in the right of an object and a touch of white in the left - as if there is a lightsource shining on it. This by inserting "Tx" cmds... but that's off topic here.
Let's see if onebody is interested before going deeper. Suggestions welcome.

Oops: Cura 3.2.0 Beta puts a "T0" in all gcode files I've generated so far!
That means you can not preset your mixer or templates - unless you delete that "T0" manually in each and every gcode you generate! (bloody)

A recent print using segmentation program can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:486985

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