What I did to make it work

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Replaced stock board with Rumba, and the hotend with E3DV6 Original.
Removed the 2 extra extruders, only running one anyways.
Printing easy at 50mm/s :) and can probably go higher.
Quite nice prints too.
And, made myself an working cheap auto bedleveling "probe" for it. You can check my things.

Now I use it on an daily basis. :)

I fail to understand how the title of this post matches the content... "It" doesn't work anymore, you killed it and changed it into something else :D.
My reason to go for the Rostorck 301 was the color mixing function, without that it's just another delta printer.
Also if you replace the (bad and diseaseful) hart&brain (I mean the Geeetech FW) , then it definitely has another character ;) - I still like fiddling with the colors... (spending too much time on it, but as my wife says: "while he's doing that he's not doing any other harm" ;P)

Here thinking about do the same but with ramps or MKS boards.