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Looking for suggestions - What parts do we need? Ideas?

by aiwaloki

The purpose of this thread is to suggest parts or creative ideas/solutions to fix issues pertaining to the Joe Community.

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Terror Drome Parts?

by Ottsmeese

I am wondering if anyone has put together pieces for the Terror Drome? I am currently working on rebuilding a terror drome but am missing some key pieces that I cannot find on Ebay easily (or cheaply) at this point. Key piece that I am looking for is the Base to the two turrets at the top of the drome. This is the piece that attaches to the top ring that the guns sit on. Other pieces would be replacement snaps, and ends to the walls and doors that swing open. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!! Attached is a pic from Hisstank.com from someone elses restoration for reference. Thank you!

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Killer Whale

by CurleyJoe

I am not sure if this is allowed so if not I apologize in advance. I have recently found my Killer Whale and though I do see some parts for the Whale I am wondering if anyone has more files to share. I am hoping to have it as complete as possible. If needed or wanted I will gladly pay for the files that are shared.

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Prints sold on Ebay

by davea2774

So I was on ebay and noticed a guy selling 3d printed parts of files here on thingiverse. So I was ok well maybe the guy who provided the files is selling them on ebay but the files are from different members. So personally I find this kinda uncool if its just some guy selling others hard worked on designs. But then again they are available to the public so not sure how to really feel about it. What do you folks think?

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Look at this Designer - Hiss Tank

by aiwaloki

I think it is pretty common to get, why don't you do this or can you do that for design suggestions (begging?), but this guy made his own Cobra Hiss Tank.


I am an awe... Great job!!

Cobra HISS (G.I. Joe)
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