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Borewyrm Infestations ?

by PaulSenpai

I am looking for a model of a Borewyrm Infestation from Blackstone Fortress or somting similar.

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Gloomhaven 3D Print List

by thetrebor

If anyone is interested I've compiled this list:

It's not perfect, but many have found it a suitable jumping off point for their own collections. Recommendations and updates welcome.

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Making Miniatures for a weekly game.

by w3ace

Anyone playing a weekly Gloomhaven game and trying to keep up on creating & painting miniatures?

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Terrain for wargames and tabletop

by Kinower

Hi, I'm Kinower, I'm the creator and 3D sculptor specializing in scenery and accessories for war games and role-playing games.
In my profile there are many models and you can subscribe to have each new month and to be able to choose you in.

to take a look

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Enemy Summons Markers

by Lf3Y

Has anyone seen or made markers for summoned enemies? I was thinking of making a base that would sit under the stock stands (or under the circular bases for enemies I've printed) but thought for sure someone must have solved this already... but I don't see anything.

[spoiler angryface]
Seriously... spoiler...

Seriously... spoiler...

Why doesn't Thingiverse have a spoiler tag... or if they do what is it?

The same question above applies to the "doom" token for AngryFace, I don't see any good marker system.

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