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Terrain for wargames and tabletop

by Kinower

Hi, I'm Kinower, I'm the creator and 3D sculptor specializing in scenery and accessories for war games and role-playing games.
In my profile there are many models and you can subscribe to have each new month and to be able to choose you in.

to take a look

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Gloomhaven 3D Print List

by thetrebor

If anyone is interested I've compiled this list:

It's not perfect, but many have found it a suitable jumping off point for their own collections. Recommendations and updates welcome.

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Enemy Summons Markers

by Lf3Y

Has anyone seen or made markers for summoned enemies? I was thinking of making a base that would sit under the stock stands (or under the circular bases for enemies I've printed) but thought for sure someone must have solved this already... but I don't see anything.

[spoiler angryface]
Seriously... spoiler...

Seriously... spoiler...

Why doesn't Thingiverse have a spoiler tag... or if they do what is it?

The same question above applies to the "doom" token for AngryFace, I don't see any good marker system.

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Kickstarter with Gloomahven Monsters?

by RobagoN

Ran across this Kickstarter that has what look to be a bunch of the monsters from Gloomhaven. Scroll down to pledge level 12 for pictures. Am I crazy or is this the case?

Link Here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crosslances/miniatures-for-3d-players?ref=project_link

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Model Question - Tree Canopy

by RobagoN

I am making a tree with a single piece removable canopy, which I thought would be nice because you could use it with or without foliage. Do you think it would be better to have the canopy pinned in place so that you have to get it in the correct orientation to put it on the model, or make it easy to put on and have it free spinning(no orientation)? Not a big difference but i'm having a hard time deciding.

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