Enemy Summons Markers


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Has anyone seen or made markers for summoned enemies? I was thinking of making a base that would sit under the stock stands (or under the circular bases for enemies I've printed) but thought for sure someone must have solved this already... but I don't see anything.

[spoiler angryface]
Seriously... spoiler...

Seriously... spoiler...

Why doesn't Thingiverse have a spoiler tag... or if they do what is it?

The same question above applies to the "doom" token for AngryFace, I don't see any good marker system.

As far as Angry Face goes, I think you're supposed to use your class tokens on the enemy statsheet. If you use Gloomhaven Helper, it has a similar icon (and one for summons) that you can attribute to monsters (which I think only shows up if you have that class in the app, but I maybe just never noticed it until we did...). If you use bases that allow for Elite markers (like the ones that I designed), you can just make alternate "elite" markers with a different color to show summon status.

Good idea with the modified elite markers! I was thinking the same thing. Just print/paint a different color, could even match the token colors.

I actually hadn't seen that in Gloomhaven Helper!!! Thanks. Although I'm not sure that'll satisfy the urge to design and print something for this... we'll see after I play again knowing that it's in the app.

Ah, a doom token/base might be nice... Enemies don't tend to stick around very long once doomed, though, so I haven't had an issue keeping track with the little cardboard tokens :)

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