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pocket sluice with dream mat pattern

by Benc2

i am new to 3d printing and do not quite know how to make my own files and was wondering if someone could generate this pocket sluice with the dream mat?

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sluicebox generator

by spilimodels

Maybe its possible to get this to work nice. If there is someone with good openscad skills, you might help. If you are missing something please add.
I want build in more features and details in the generator, like hydroriffles, underflowsluices, more and better channels, fluidbeds, waterconnection and so on.

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by GrimmIDGN

Do you think someone could print miners moss? And do you think it would work?

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by GrimmIDGN

Welcome ! I have been prospecting for many years now. I have always designed my own equipment (being I couldn't afford the real McCoy) .
So when I Learned about 3d printers and saved the money to order one I was very excited about all the stuff that could be made now.
No more duct tape to hold parts together. I can now make the part I need. Hopefully If you are reading this you have stuff that you have
designed and used and would like to share with others. Anything that I upload feel free to suggest revisions that would make it better.
Again welcome,

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