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Welcome ! I have been prospecting for many years now. I have always designed my own equipment (being I couldn't afford the real McCoy) .
So when I Learned about 3d printers and saved the money to order one I was very excited about all the stuff that could be made now.
No more duct tape to hold parts together. I can now make the part I need. Hopefully If you are reading this you have stuff that you have
designed and used and would like to share with others. Anything that I upload feel free to suggest revisions that would make it better.
Again welcome,

Hey GrimmIDGN, i think we need a nice Nugget or something as avatar, maybe you can change the standard.

How's this? or link me one and I will change it

Hello together, i'm a hobbyprospector and i am just fascinated by the many ways to find what we all want. The bluecup i drew, it needs a good setup and classifying and it works pretty good. My oher equippement is up to now mostly metal and not printable, but maybe we can change that.
In switzerland we have to use manpower, cause it is not allowed to use mechanic equippent,

Welcome spilimodels glad to have you aboard. I tried to give you credit for the bluecup but it would only let me add it in the desc. Great design please post more!! Also welcome Mysabre73 and perlygatekeeper, Glad to have you aboard also.
I'm working on an underwater dredge using an electric 3500 gph pump, and having a few issue was wondering if anyone
has played around with underwater dredges. If so let me know maybe you can help with a few questions.