pocket sluice with dream mat pattern

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i am new to 3d printing and do not quite know how to make my own files and was wondering if someone could generate this pocket sluice with the dream mat?

You mean this one! With or without riffles?

I drew mine a little bit bigger than the original. It's in millimeter 290 in length, 70 mm width of the sluice and 50 mm high.
Haven't printed it myself yet to see if the file is ok but Cura says it will take approx 21 hours to print it with my settings.
Printed a miniature scaled down to 20% just for fun and it came out pretty good... :-)
Will print one in actual size myself first to make sure the file is good before i upload it.

Hi Looben, Are you willing to share an STL for your dream mat print? I'd love to print the tiny version and try it out.

Hi Looben,
Any progress on a full sized version? any chance I could get the stl?

yes Looben that's it! I will be following you .