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rail mount for AR-15

by plasticharp

I am looking for a good case or mount for a hero 5

Swimming Mount

by Reynar


does anyone have a good Solution for a Swimming Mount where I can mount my GoPro with Housing and the Mount thats glued to the boat.
And if the glued mount fail the GoPro doesn'T sink to the ground of the sea but floats on the top of the water.


GoPro VS Sony Action Cam VS others

by besser

Hello all,
I recently purchased a GoPro Hero5 Session and wasn't to happy about my purchase. First off the GoPRo app is horrific, It splits videos into 17 minute sections, and its finicky to control. Also, connecting it via WiFi really sucks. I returned it and I'm never looking back. I want a solid action cam that's good for recording timelapses of 3D prints being made and action cam stuff. I also want the ability to charge while recording and a large maximum SD card capacity. I know that the Sony also splits videos but from what ive heard its 27 minute intervals.

Here the links to the stuff im considering:

Thanks for any help,

P.S If you record timelapses, what do you use to record with?

Solid Housing

by dspalton

Hi guys and Gals.
Im wondering if anyone knows of anywhere to get a 3D model of rather thick housing with lens cover for the hero3+

Basically want to strap it to the back of an ice hockey goal net (inside the net)