Swimming Mount

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does anyone have a good Solution for a Swimming Mount where I can mount my GoPro with Housing and the Mount thats glued to the boat.
And if the glued mount fail the GoPro doesn'T sink to the ground of the sea but floats on the top of the water.


you can use the backdoor float and a suction cup mount to the side of a boat

I made this mount to be stuck to and/or bolted to a kick board to either float on the water with the gopro facing up or else can float with the gopro facing down in the water. I used it and it works really well, even made a loop for a rope/paracord to fit thru so you can pull it along with you or tie it to something as well.


GoPro Kick Board Mount

Here are the links to my kayak gopro setup. Go pro is in waterproof case, attached to extension with tie down holes, then floats are tied with 550 cord to extension. extension is connected to fishing rod holder attatchement. The amazon link is to the attwood 5022 flush mount rod holder that works with this setup 10$.




Go Pro extension with tie down holes

You need a floating housing. Glue some floats to the housing, or connect a float to it. You can add a safety rope too.

Yeah that one I already have
but I can not mount that on a Boat

So you want a Floaty with a way to mount it to a boat? Depends on how you want to mount it to the boat. I could put a C-clamp to attach over the top of the gunwale on one of those. A suction cup is trickier with a 3D printer since you have to find one that fits the place to put one.