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Graber i3 + Z leadscrews

by HighRollerSV

HI, I just upgraded my Prusa i2 to a Graber i3 frame, I want to upgrade the Z axis to use a lead screw but I am using a prusa i3 geetech Z motor/idler carriage and the space between the lead screw and the smooth rod is different than the stock carriages for Z. does somebody tried to upgrade the Z axis on the graber i3? Please let me know

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Plywood Graber i3 with 8mm leadscrew motor mount and top bracket

by brian_groves

I am building a Graber I3 ATX but would love to use 8mm leadscrews aqnd ideally the same X carriage spacing as my Anet A8 as there are so many printable options available.
The problem is finding Z motor mounts with the correct spacing between the centerline of the stepper and the linear rod.
I'm no where near competent enough with any 3d design software so creating my own are way beyond but I'm hoping someone can point me to printable parts that will work maybe with a bit of post processing and maybe a BIG friggin hammer ;)

Thank you in advance for ANY help,


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Graber i3 frame help

by MohamedCozzy

HI, I'm new here
I want to create a printer in my workshop
i have two pieces of wood mdf 100 × 50 My friend owns a laser cutter
What dimensions should I cut

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