PLA Filament vs WoodFill Filament

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PLA Filament vs WoodFill Filament

Question: Which is stronger, PLA Filament or WoodFill Filament?

Hypothesis: It is predicted that the PLA Filament will break before the WoodFill Filament.

Materials: PLA Filament, WoodFill Filament, Scanner, Computer, 3D Printer, and weights

Procedure: 1. Get scanned, 2. Fix Scan, 3. Load filament, 4. Print design in PLA Filament and in WoodFill Filament, 5. Remove and clean the model from the printer, 6. Put weights on models until they break.

Analysis: PLA Filament broke at 55 pounds. WoodFill Filament broke at 5 pounds. Both broke in the same spot –the thinnest part of the model. This experiment demonstrates that PLA Filament is stronger than WoodFill Filament. These results are opposite of the initial hypothesis.

Well this is entirely dependent on how you define strength are we stretching or we bending compressing pulling twisting there are many aspects to the concept of strength ultimately any non pure pla should be weaker in pla because you were adding things to the pla which means you are replacing volume in the filament with something that is not pla

This creates potential trade-offs for example carbon fiber filaments are made because the carbon fiber makes it stiffer but it also makes it weaker you are trading stiffness for weakness when you are pla you trade a lot when you are nylon you have plenty of strength to give for the desirable stiffness so application is very important in determining what strength matters

Very good point!