Brave Browser -great browser to view Thingiverse on!

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Hey Greater Philly Group,

Try "Brave Browser", earn cryptocurrency (BAT)!
And, help support my design work:

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly

Just looked at the site, awesome idea, thanks for the link, i signed up!

Great! Thanks for letting me know.

Wait? how does this work? If I use the browser you get cryptocurrency?

The Brave Browser rewards you with cryptocurrency (in BAT).
I will only get a one-time crypto-reward if you download Brave Browser via my link.
Take a look at Brave Browser, if it’s something that you find interesting, then download it via my link.
As a side note, since switching to Brave Browser my Thingiverse has sped up (because Brave blocks a lot of crap -lol)