Looks like theres gonna bee a lot of groups..

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And right now much redundant stuff is created
To fight this:
Merge groups?
Multipl group admins?
Group search should also search group About, not just name.

Redundant example: I have started some topics in group 'thingiverse bugs'. That should have been posted here...

Also, maybe autodelete groups that have 1 member after a week or so...

Well what if the group has 1 million members after a week and a day?

+1 that. But the Ida needs to be refined a bit, like extending the grace period to a month or more. It'll all settle out. There were far fewer groups create today than Monday.

We need to figure out something for this. I've already seen some admins post messages stating they've closed their group and joined another. It's not ideal, of course, but it's probably a good place to start.