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Glock 17 arm brace

by adas1223

Posting this here for critique and ideas. feel free to modify


Right now the plug is a tight fit in my KSC g17. not as tight in my gen3 g34. needs to be drilled and pinned to the frame. the top brace which snaps on to the beaver tail needs some fine adjusting but im 95% sure it will line up.

Further plans involve sculpting a picatinny rail on the back to attach a tube, stock or arm brace.

please comment once you print and let me know where the faults are. also what might be better. have fun!

glock 17 stock or buffertube or arm brace adapter
glock Glock_17 stock
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3D Printable Pistol Arm Brace


I might get one of those cool rifle caliber pistols with a short barrel and no stock soon, and thanks to Sig Sauer we can attach an arm brace which makes your gun look almost as cool, allows you to shoot it a bit better, and will only be considered a stock (and an illegal unregistered Short Barreled Rifle (SBR)) if you INTEND to use it like one. Recently there has been competition to the Sig Brace from Shockwave called the AR Blade that is used in a similar manner to assist in shooting these rifle caliber pistols. The Sig brace is $100+ which seems a little ridiculous to me, and while the Blade is cheaper, a 3D printed one would be even cheaper!

Unfortunately my lawyer buddy thinks it would be dangerous to post, due to patent infringement (with two competing designs now), but who would be interested in such a thing if I were to create it? I'll do my best to avoid trampling on other's intellectual property and post it if there's enough demand, but if not, extra liability seems rather pointless.

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Best material to print gun accessories in

by mrhers2

Hello All! Normally I use the standard 1.75mm PLA from Hatchbox to do my printing but I was wondering what everyone out there preferred to use when printing gun accessories (i.e. stocks, pistol grips, etc.) ? I was considering getting some carbon fiber PLA but I'm up for trying anything. I have a heated bed and nozzle rated for most any materials. Heck, I'd even be willing to try some wood filament to see if I can sand it down smoother than the regular plastic!

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Bump Stock

by mussy

I'm thinking of designing a bump stock, I know its a controversial subject right now but it was the KooKoo guy that killed all those innocent people and not his stock, thank got the guy could not aim well, as more people would have been killed, Is any one interested in testing my design, As I live in Romania and firearms are completely illegal here.

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Ryker fist grip

by trevthomp2000

Ryker USA recently released a "fist grip" that goes on the side of a rifle and allows you to wrap your fist around it. This intrigues me, but the $100 price tag isn't appealing and unfortunately my cad skills are a bit lacking. Would someone want to design a fist grip to 3d print or at least something conceptually similar that can be mounted on picatinny rails? I would be eternally grateful.

Link here: https://rykerusa.com/products/fist-grip

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