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Gun by Yoshi2019

by FedeMiller


if it's true, this would have to be illegal, but there are many things related to weapons here...
There is even a page for stupid people called "guncad" there are all the stupid Northamericans of shit who share stupid things related to weapons.

Regrettably this is a Northamerican website of the international community and has many things that are illegal and should ban it but the owners of this company are totally irresoluble and stupid (because they are from States (shit) united)

and take it like that is a lost case, full of stupid people and they will not listen to you because they are really racist


"The devil loads the weapons and the stupid one unloads"

Thanks for your report. We'll take a look at "Gun" as soon as possible."

:) I already made the complaint

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Para Ordinance P14/Kimber BP10 II/BUL M5 mag extension

by rgstever

Think it would be possible for someone to make one? I can send out a mag for modelling it.

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Hi just after some help or info please for Ruger plus 1 for mags

by Obituary74

Hi all I’m very new here an was just wondering if anyone has made a Plus 1 follower for the Ruger mkiv magazines?
I’ve added a link just below to show what it is.


It’s called a plus 1 so it’s a little plastic piece that fits in the bottom of the Ruger mkiv magazine so it allows you have have 11 in the mag instead of 11
it’s the little red thing. An on the page there’s even a little video of what it does thanks
Any help be muchly appreciated thanks


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CAD designer - Doing my part

by Weeve

I joined this group because I saw someone who liked one of my models was in it. CNC and weaponry has been a passion of mine, and I'd like to offer that if anyone messages me with sketches/blueprints that have dimensions on them, that I can make CAD files for them for free if you're not in a hurry.

I'm not always on Thingiverse (have quite a bit of life going on) but I will read messages, and thread replies eventually, and do my best to help out

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