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Airsoft3d-print.com steals designs from Thingiverse

by Planetler

Hello fellows,

I received a message here on thingiverse which is saying that my design (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2889913) is sold on airsoft3d-print.com (as you can see here: https://www.airsoft3d-print.com/collections/frontpage/products/selector-de-tiro-m4-m16).
I've never allowed any commercial use of any of my designs...
I left a comment since they don't have any contact form.

Please check for yourself if they have any of your files online: https://www.airsoft3d-print.com/
Just navigate trough the categories, it isn't that much.

Well, thanks to the honorous thingiverse member darkonian01 for writing that message to me.

Have a nice day

Airsoft Fire Selector for M4/M16
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saiga 12

by crowwolf

hello all, i am looking for saiga 12 stuff. i really want a printable magazine for one. i also have a saiga 9mm / kalashnikov 9mm pistol / vityaz i would also like stuff to print for. just a big fan of the ak's and i like to print stuff for them.

thanks in advance,


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Grips for Springfield XD-M Elite printed in TPU

by CoreysMk3

I would like to get together some folks to help model grips to be printed in TPU for springfield pistols. I have a xd-m elite 3.8, and im sure we could add many more handguns and rilfes as we go, but i dont see any "Grips" that can be printed in tpu and slid on. You could go crazy and make awesome designs that have logos or spiderwebing, finger molds, and more. I think this would be a cool thing to model and print in TPU filament, as its flexible and textures could be added and modeled to soooo many designs and specifics. Anyone else interested?

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SW Shield Stand

by Stewfu

Hey, I'm looking for a SW Shield stand STL similar to what I see available for Glocks. Something that slides into the magwell and then holds 3 magazines next to it. Anyone have a file they can share?

Thank you

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Can we chill on Fede

by CountBenula

It's a bit ridiculous and it's harassment. He said stuff you didn't like or agree with, great, it's the internet. Plus it's clogging up my feed and is annoying. Thanks.

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