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Red Dot Sight Mount for Glock

by plokij0802

Hey guys, I have a glock 17 and I'd like to add a red dot, but I don't like the slide mounted version...
I saw this model and I find it good, more stable than the ones available on thingiverse.
Does anybody know how to design one?
thanks guys!

glock glock17 guns pistol sight red dot sights
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Digital Night Vision Scope

by Cadfinger

Hey guys, I just published a new night vision rifle sight and added it to the things in this group. The sight is still in the development stage so I'm looking for a few people to build one and give me some feedback.

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Good free CAD software


This has been discussed on a few other Thingiverse forums, and I haven't been able to provide people with a good, free and legal option after having used professional CAD software such as Solidworks or NX. I have started testing OnShape:


I don't like that it forces you to make an account to try it or view someone else's model, and also that your 'source' file is forever in the cloud (though you can download a wide range of usable non-mesh formats), but it can do >= 90% of what I used Siemens NX for when I had access to a license to do as I will with.

You can even use it behind a proxy should your temporary CAD workstation computer reside behind one! It is parametric with a wide range of input files, collaboration is a snap, and is the most GitHub-like CAD experience I have seen which is nice for version control of your models -- if we could see the underlying code or had an 'export to OpenSCAD' so it can be VC'd with Git and be truly open forever, that would be super cool!

Unfortunately, all of your shapes must be public unless you pay (GH-like model), so users in some areas where it can be illegal to posses certain information (be grateful if you can, and your freedoms you hold that keep it that way), that like firearm related CAD may be in a sketchy situation and need to break out some anonymizing services to create and maintain an account. Same goes for posting on a site like this, where you may not want every bit of text you have typed to be tied to your real name and subject to any other scrutiny that may accompany something you publish on the internet. If you are in that boat, the wide range of file export options should suffice, but you will lose the collaboration power that OnShape brings as '21st century' CAD if you want to whip something up with your buddies.

Been busy working on some cool things and haven't had much time to devote to the Thingiverse hobby or much of any CAD lately, but figured this was worth some time to share for everyone hoping to get into this hobby, or realize the full potential of the incredible fabrication machines and mobile processors we now have at our fingertips, and future devices to come.

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3D Printing T92 Self-propelled Artillery(Challenge your limits)

by kangkang1949

I spent 5 months designing it and hundreds of parts to challenge your limits!
145 unique Parts, 2023 All parts, 1 Tank!
Every Part is a work of Art!
Welcome to my page: https://www.facebook.com/kangkang1949
If you want to customize your perfect scale model (parts), I can design for you! (Paid service)

3D Printing T92 Self-propelled Artillery(Challenge your limits)
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Complete model is not printing, need help please.

by DarthRader

I am 111 hours in and just had my first problem, the Feed Tray Cover, file name "Main Gun Top" isn't printing with the front hinge? I can see the issue in Mesh Mixer but I am new to this and don't know how to correct? Here are photos of the print and the gap you can see in Cura, can you guys please help me out?


50 Cal Machine Gun
by HAitCH_
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