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Would be cool if this was open source...but since it's not guess I'll just have to buy one

-edited- mainly because taking someone's stuff isn't cool

Even a component to orient the rounds, parametric to scale to other sizes, would be good.

haha! that thing is huge! I have a design for the smallest ar15 speed loader on the market. I have designed it and printed it but am securing the patent for the design and will injection mold it. I will be crowd-funding the injection molded version and have been thinking of having an .stl pledge level where you either pay $5 and get the .stl or if the campaign reaches a certain level it gets release for free to anyone that wants to print there own which I think would be better as it would just be free to makers alike.

Hi Brad, I have done the patent routine for my stuff (5x) and also Have a 12ton injection molder in my garage if need any input please contact me glad to help bob originalbobsled.com

I like what you're putting down, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter! Do you have a email list sign up yet? Don't want to miss it =)

ok so I set up a mail chip just now...I don't even have it set to confirm your subscription, cause I hate bloat emails, you will only get an email when the launch it coming up and possibly when I put the first video out on the web...I hate spam emails so I will defiantly be frugal with it.


I like the way you think. And your potential sales model. I will definitely look into supporting this.

Yeah I will have that this week...thats my goal I set to get this going...easy to get sidetracked but now that I dropped the money for the patent I am getting the rest of the ducks lined up...

Great idea count me in for a pledge

sorry didn't know if you turned on notifications on this tread and feel like I am borderline hijacking it so just dropping you a note to see my comment above if you want to subscribe when this comes out... subscribe.sixaxisdev.com

for sure I will post up on the GunCAD when it goes live....Oh and I am trying to hit the retail price of $60 not $199

Wow love the idea, get me pics of all the parts and ill make one for you lol... ;)

All I can say is YES PLEASE!!!! lol

Also here is a shorter URL to the actual product listing, but does not show the demo video like that promotional link.


If I were the designer, I would definitely think about uploading a model, or at least some spare parts so I don't have to ship them to my favorite customers who can just print them instead of making me pay shipping costs.

yeah like the base plate at least! so I count mount it to several places...

I'd almost feel bad about reverse engineering that and uploading it. Nice find, what a marvel.. incredible!

I can't help but think of copyright issues. I still think building whatever contraption you saw on the internet in your garage out of wood for yourself to use (i.e. non-commercial) should exempt from any kind of infringement. I can extend that to 3D printing for yourself to use. Uploading for free for others.. well, that just seems like collaborative time saving. I say this as someone who is currently hoarding designs for potential patents, give it a few years I'm sure we'll see some IP fights. Anyways, morals aside, that's a considerably big project with limited returns. Give me 5 years.

I want a 9 mm MPX mag version once my Franklin BFS III shows up :D

I just want one for when the zombies show up >:D

Yeah this will cure empty mags real quick. And take my ex-gf's job. Lol. Awesome.

The day I am too lazy to load my mags and inspect the rounds is the day I quit shooting. Also, most of my ammo comes on stripper clips anyway. The foreign services have a much better standard issue speed loader that I am going to model and put up on here when I have time.

Lol. The day I am so lazy that I buy one of these and reverse engineer it may be a day I don't shoot as much.

Yeah my ammo comes on stripper clips too. They work, hate to admit better than my loose round loader. I am always interested in better options.

That is awesome!
I'll be on the look out for this one for sure!

Even the unloader is super handy!

for the url try something like magpump

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