Pommel / Attachment Slot for m9 & m7 bayonet

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I have been searching forever for the Attachment Slot for on the back of the grip. Basicly I wish to use the catch between the plates like on real bayonet.
Does anyone have a model to spare. Just need the back. Thank you for your time.

Not quite sure what you mean, if you make a sketch with dimensions I could make a model for it.

I see it but I still don't have dimensions or understand what you want. Do you want a model of the bayonet lug to add to other models or what?

ok... first of all, thx for your patience.

I will start again. I hope I make myself clear this time. Maybe I´m just overcomplicating things. ^^

Every M9/M7 bayonet model, that I have found here and on many other sites, has the M9 & M7 bayonet "lug hole" (the hole in the back on the grip where the lug from the rifle goes in.. that whole back piece is called a pommel as far as I know) just as a whole in the back without the release latches/catches (as in the picture, it is the M4. But I think it is easier to understand what I mean).
It would be great to have it like the real ones. So that it can be secured and opened. Sorry, I don´t have any real dimensions, only from the static models.

I think I understand now. You want a complete model of an operational pommel so you could, for example, make your own device that would clip on to the bayonet lug, like a custom bayonet or a flashlight or something. Right?
If so, I happen to have a bayonet at home, I could model that part for you. It may take me a while to get around to it though.

That would be great! :)