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glock 17 by spongebobthelegend

by dude104

Does any one have the files for this glock 17 because I can't find the set I downloaded and he deleted the upload so if anyone has them can you upload them or post a link for me?

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More Ruger grips.


I am looking to make a set of grips for a Ruger Blackhawk, but just not good enough to draw them.

Is there a link to some , somewhere?

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Thingiverse Group


It's too bad Thingiverse won't let items belong to more than one group or I'd post all my relevant designs. Check out "Glock speedplate", R700 bipod mount (not really recommended but a nice model), and my Mosin Nagant wall hooks. An AR Brass catcher is in the works but it uses so much plastic I can't make another prototype right now.

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