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Download GunCAD Compiled [V1.2]

by SpongebobTheLegend

Hey guys I compiled my own sort-of fossCAD megapack I because couldn't find some files that I wanted in it and I also found some very hard to find designs so yeah here's the link to download the torrent: [V1.2] https://grabify.link/M1LXED.torrent

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410 shotgun

by jakescrap

I was thinking someone should really 3d print a 410 shotgun due to extremely low pressures. I'm sure you've all heard of the liberator which uses 380 acp and can work and makes 2 times as much pressure, so if someone made a 410, not only would it be awesome it wouldn't blow up

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Glock 17 model fix

by mescalero

someone is able to add the lacking parts of the glock model present here?

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My 1911

by JimGrim

I'm looking for the files to print custom grips for it and replacement parts

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