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Masks are STUPID

by JarlVeni

Do yall realize that wearing a mask to stop the virus is like putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes? The virus is so small it goes right through all masks. Especially crocheted ones that I've seen!!! Stop this stupidity....

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Extra Protection.

by DJHanna

Can a face shield do more than just shield one direction? If you add CPU fans to the brim, they can prevent glasses and the shield from fogging up. Have the fans blow through a filter, then seal the entire unit in fabric, and you can filter the air coming in, and to some degree, filter the air leaking out through the fabric. If the fabric is loose enough, it would work like a large bladder, allowing the user to breath easily, as if not wearing a mask, yet have the air filtered as if the user was wearing a mask. You would also need to add sneeze guards over the filter fans, for extra protection. You could even wear a mask under the system for extra protection. This system may not work those needing to be in the public 8 to 16 hours a day, but might be useful to the rest of us, who just want extra safety while social distancing, Any thoughts?

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Adjustable Length Face Mask Frame

by dondinvents

Simple face mask frame capable of holding a variety of filter materials and can adjust length from 4.25 - 6 inches.


Adjustable length face mask frame
covidmask FaceCoveringChallenge
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Think Before you Print!

by CeruleanNutter

This isn't a contest entry, but hopefully a thought provoking bit of reading material for anyone interested in using, printing, or designing FDM/FFF respirator masks. Please give it a read!


The long and short of it is this:
FFF 3D Printing technology simply is not capable of producing a safe and effective respirator mask; it's beyond the limits of FFF and no simple design change or variation in parts used can overcome that.

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Visera de protección con respiradero y trampa anti-salpicaduras

by IdeoGR

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4416005. Visera de protección fuerte y ligera, con respiradero protegido con trampa anti-salpicaduras, autolock para la lámina transparente y sistema tensor con autobloqueo de elástico. Bloquea las salpicaduras por la parte superior de la visera y permite una estupenda ventilación antivaho.

Visera de protección con respiradero anti-salpicaduras
by IdeoGR
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