Coronavirus FaceShield Mark4

by nandox

It is a new verson of this face shield with some advantages :

  • it is very flexible so it can whistand higer loads without breaking
  • It has an acetate sheet locking system to avoid sheet moves
  • Easy to print (only one part without material supports
    It is cheap and easy to print and works very well


Coronavirus FaceShield Mark4
by nandox
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Anti-fogging Face Shield using Cooling Fan

by MatrixA5

Here's a neat little project for people interested in DIY electronic gadgets.

Modified 3DVerkstan Europe 4 hole version to accommodate Cooling fan and electronic components to create an effective rechargeable Anti-fogging Face shield.

Innovative Anti-Fogging Face Shield using Cooling Fan
3DVerkstan 40mm_fan faceshield
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CR-3D C8.1 fast wireframe remix for large batch production

by FullPlastic


Large production batch optimised simplified wireframe version of the CR-3D C8.1 faceshield design. No top/bottom or infill just 2 walls on a 0.6mm nozzle. Or 3 walls on a 0.4mm nozzle.

Added bottom reinforcement with zip tie holes to improve the curvature and form a tapered cone that is adjustable by the user. Prints in 30 mins. 50x stack possible on large delta printer. One size fits all toddlers and adults alike. Optimised for greater comfort and use of non button hole elastic if necessary via an additional hole in the hook.

400 supplied so far with no failures in the field yet reported. Hope this helps someone. Husband and wife team are making 100's a week and distributing to the public as the UK slowly eases out of lock down. Very good feedback so far. Must be printed in PETG for correct material properties. Must guarantee good wall adhesion.

Face Shield Visor CR-3D remix wireframe fast print large stacks
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Minimalist eyeglasses Faceshield

by houcemben

Here my new eyeglasses faceshield : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4462495

Design: Voxel Studio

clip easy_print economical eyeglasses faceshield minimalist
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Comfortable faceshield. Voxel Design

by houcemben

This faceshield imrpove in 3 points :

No need to perforate the Clear Binding Cover. Easy and fast mount .
No need to attach a Elastic Band . wearable for all head sizes.
Comfortable large forehread. You can wear it whole day and forget about it.

Download STL here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4365113

3dprinting comfortable COVIDFACESHIELD easy easy_print elastic_free Facemask faceshield face_shield holes_free
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Extra Protection.

by DJHanna

Can a face shield do more than just shield one direction? If you add CPU fans to the brim, they can prevent glasses and the shield from fogging up. Have the fans blow through a filter, then seal the entire unit in fabric, and you can filter the air coming in, and to some degree, filter the air leaking out through the fabric. If the fabric is loose enough, it would work like a large bladder, allowing the user to breath easily, as if not wearing a mask, yet have the air filtered as if the user was wearing a mask. You would also need to add sneeze guards over the filter fans, for extra protection. You could even wear a mask under the system for extra protection. This system may not work those needing to be in the public 8 to 16 hours a day, but might be useful to the rest of us, who just want extra safety while social distancing, Any thoughts?

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Visera de protección con respiradero y trampa anti-salpicaduras

by IdeoGR

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4416005. Visera de protección fuerte y ligera, con respiradero protegido con trampa anti-salpicaduras, autolock para la lámina transparente y sistema tensor con autobloqueo de elástico. Bloquea las salpicaduras por la parte superior de la visera y permite una estupenda ventilación antivaho.

Visera de protección con respiradero anti-salpicaduras
by IdeoGR
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PPERD Face Shield - falling droplet guard, stackable, rapid

by OrganismDesign

A very rapid printing face shield, with optional droplet guard. This version prints at 40/day.

Fits standard A4 and A3 PVC for ease of rapid deployment.

I don't know of another design with both rapid, stackable printing and a droplet guard (credit to others with 2 out of 3, this is the next step)

The standard design has a falling droplet guard and long arms (DG LA)

Also included are versions with Short Arms (SA) and UltraLight (UL) without the falling droplet guard, which prints at 90/day output (UL SA)


PPERD Face Shield - falling droplet guard, stackable, rapid printing, easy assembly
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Comercial Faceshields Repairing

by neiracorominas

Hello everyone, I've just uploaded a thing with some info about comercial faceshields reparaing. They tend to break because they rely on a plastic screw. I've designed an adaptation to a m4 metal crew.

Check it out it might be useful.


Comercial Faceshield Repair / Reparacion Pantalla Facial Comercial
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