Eye Cu Smile V2

by FullPlasticScientist

Finished the development work on the Eye Cu Smile transparent face covering / clear mask. Relisted final design as V2.

Full detailed printing and assembly instructions included. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4598055

Eye Cu Smile V2 Transparent Face Covering Kit / Clear Mask NanoHack Copper3D Filter
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Eye Cu Smile transparent face covering prototype

by FullPlasticScientist

Designed to bring smiles back to our strange new world.

Uses the flat pack face covering kit as a frame, a large heavy duty zip lock bag, a custom filter housing and a surgical mask cut out. Only scissors needed for assembly.


Please help improve upon this design if you think it has merit. I cannot devote more time to improving it due to other commitments. So I need the communities help to carry it forward. Full detailed printing and assembly instructions in attached pdf to the listing.

Eye Cu Smile V1 Prototype Transparent Face Covering Kit / Clear Mask. NanoHack Copper3D Filter
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Flat pack face covering kit - Stacking wire frame walls only

by FullPlasticScientist

With the new requirements regarding face coverings globally I wanted to help out the local community and make sure those that are struggling financially can have access to a free effective face covering.

Stackable, designed for pet G 0.6 mm nozzle and 0.3 mm layer height.

An evolution of the community mask frame and hens nest designs with elements borrowed from other face frame designs also. I cannot spend any more time improving this design so offering it out to the community. We are producing 50x a week on a Delta running slow and are getting good user feedback. Hope this design helps someone. See if you can improve upon it. A transparent variant is currently under beta testing and will be listed as a remix once feedback is received.


Flat Pack Face Covering Kit / Fabric Mask. Fast Batch Stack Print
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Mand.ro 3D Printable Mask - Mark 1 (2020.05.12)

by antiroot

Hello, my name is Sangho Yi / a.k.a. Mandroyo / in Seoul, Korea.

Since in this February, I started to make my facial mask for protection from COVID-19, and I am now sharing all the designs to you.

Note that the Video guide is also available at Mand.ro Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b8clHU1iXw

Wish all of you are safe from Corona virus, and stay safe until it is gone away.

Happy 3D Printing!

  • Sangho from Team Mand.ro
Coronavirus_Face_Mask COVID19 covidmask Facemask Mandro mask
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Face masks - my items and redesigns

by 7eggert

My first item was using the montana mask mechanism on russian gas mask threads:

Then I made an adapter for a diving mask sold in Germany and (probably) Austria:

Both don't ptotect from breathing out aerosols.

Then I added the threads to the Utah Edit of the Montana Mask:

I added a bigger filter design for the GOST threads:

Finally I combined the big filter into the Montana Mask Utah Edit (made them be one part), which saves a lot of weight. I's included in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4268612

Adding the tag currently doesn't seem to work.

GOST 8762-75 adapter for surgical mask filter
by 7eggert
SnorkPPE Aspiria version - Snorkel Mask Adapter
by 7eggert
Montana Mask Utah Edit GOST 8762-75 threads + big filter version
by 7eggert
Custom Filter for GOST 8762-75
by 7eggert
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Snorkel mask coupler for connect P3 filter

by pvanboheemen

Connecting a full face snorkeling mask to an industrial P3 filter could turn it into a PPE. We are testing several brands and designs, and have shared a coupler for the Decathlon Easybreath V1 snorkeling mask on Thingiverse. It is completely open source, including the OpenSCAD file.


Decathlon Easybreath V1 to RD40 filter coupler - Open Souce CAD
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Overpressure hood for medical personnel

by Flo_G

Dear Community,
we came up with an idea for an overpressure hood intended for medical personnel in risk areas where conventional protective equipment is not available. Especially in aerosol generating procedures such as intubations or bronchoscopies, adequate protection is of utmost importance. The approach is a cost-effective, quickly reproducible, protective device that uses conventional, globally available materials.

It is still a prototype, further improvement suggestions are always welcome!

The presented overpressure hood requires only a few 3D-printed parts and can be manufactured from conventional PP/PE foil with a plastic sealing device. PP is more transparent but stiffer, PE easier to process and already available as tubes. Both materials can be disinfected with alcohol.

The function is relatively simple. Conventional clean compressed air is usually available in intensive care units. This is introduced into the neck cuff via a pressure reducer with a flow of approx. 12l/min. The fresh air reaches the interior of the hood via printed inlets. The spent air is discharged via an outlet valve on the upper side. Thus the wearer is constantly supplied with fresh air. The hood is sealed to the outside via the neck cuff. Due to the overpressure on the inside, no aerosols can get into the interior even in case of a leakage.


Overpressure hood
by Flo_G
FaceCoveringChallenge Facemask
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Think Before you Print!

by CeruleanNutter

This isn't a contest entry, but hopefully a thought provoking bit of reading material for anyone interested in using, printing, or designing FDM/FFF respirator masks. Please give it a read!


The long and short of it is this:
FFF 3D Printing technology simply is not capable of producing a safe and effective respirator mask; it's beyond the limits of FFF and no simple design change or variation in parts used can overcome that.

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Ideas to help a friend go back to retail work

by calvinstreeting

hi all makers :)

I have a question about face masks from a friend who works in catering retail.

he says the hardest part of having a face mask on is being herd by customers, and if we think about it he has a standard face mask, then a visor, and a plastic screen in front of him so to be heard by the customer, he has to shout, and all that plastic just bounces back the sound (and gives them a headache), and like wise he has to hear through all that when the customer speaks (also headache inducing).

I dare say this is not helpful for hard of hearing people, who also have to lip read to fully understand what is being said.

i wonder what ideas people have (my first thought was Bluetooth headset and speaker/mic on other side of plastic, or a text to speech system.

Its definitely something to think about.

Many thanks

covid-19 covidmask
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