Halo Ear Saver

by williamson4221

I made an attempt to design a more comfortable ear saver. I wanted something that would sit on the crown of the head. I made two versions. One with spikes, which I think is easier to use for people with long hair, and one with more traditional tabs.

It can also be scaled down to 90% for children.


Halo Ear Saver
Covid earsaver maskadapter ponytailmaskearguard
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PLA or ABS prints, with hospital cleaning chemicals?

by Jamesbeardmoredesign

Is there any risk involved, if hospital staff choose to re-use these ear-defenders by cleaning them?
Will alcohol react with either material?

ABS cleaning covid-19 Earguard faceshield hackthepandemic hospital medical PLA
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Design Help: Kids Back to School Ear Savers

by tinkerbittany

Up in here in Canada, our kids are going back to school full time (depending on the area and age). We've printed ear savers and while super useful, I need some design help with a solution for every school day use. I used the kid-sized thing below as an example. I'd like to change one side to be a semi-permanent hook so that a regular elastic mask can be attached and not easily fall off. The second change would be a "clip" of some kind to hook the ear saver and attached mask to a lanyard. Kids will be eating at their tables. The thinking is they take off the mask/ear saver, clip it to a lanyard they wear around their neck.. it doesn't get lost or hit the floor.

I know that I can get this file into TinkerCad and start experimenting.. but I thought I would throw it out here just in case someone has a thing already made or any design advice.


Mask ear saver/strap for kids
by esqube
covid-19 COVID19 covidmask hackthepandemic hack_the_pandemic pandemic
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Optimised ear saver, with hair grip

by sdmorrish

Hi. I just wanted to post this optimised ear saver design. It prints easily and quickly, using less than 60cm of filament (1.75mm dia.), and sixteen can be printed in one go on a 200mm square bed. Plus, it has hair grip 'nobbles' to prevent sliding down the back of the wearer's head. Give it a go and see what you think - feedback appreciated.


Improved Surgical Mask Grip (Ear Saver)
coronavirus Coronavirus_Face_Mask covid-19 COVID19 covidmask earsaver ear_saver maskadapter Mask_Ear_Saver mask_strap
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Star Wars Themed Mask Adapter

by elanaut

Doing my small part to encourage everyone to wear a mask to help us get through this. Works best with PETG for durability, but PLA is fine too.

Stay safe and may the force be with you!


Face Mask Strap Adapter - Star Wars Themed
by elanaut
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Surgical Mask Tent Adapter

by terenceoh8

I created a surgical mask 'tent' adapter to lift the surgical mask away from the mouth for extended wear.

Full description here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4501839

Surgical Mask Comfort Tent Adapter
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folding ear saver

by dpnd3d

looking forward to a mor comfy accesory im working on a foldable version so u can put it in your pocket safely.


salvaorejas plegable (folding ear saver)
by dpnd3d
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Few more designs for Ear Savers....

by we3duk

Just a few more ideas to add to the collection which I have created.

Small Clips (Quick Easy Print):

Mask Cutting Template:

NHS Ear Saver:

Face Mask - Ear Saver Clips
by we3duk
Face Mask - Cutting Template
by we3duk
NHS Ear Saver
by we3duk
adapter covid face facemask mask
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Securing Sergical Masks

by Null_Hypothesis

Hi, I’d like to share this device I designed to improve the fit of Surgical masks. I won a competition with this design and it is now undergoing Hospital mask testing with a view to it being used in London hospitals. It’s also currently in use at my local pharmacies.


Surgical mask Seal
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