Design Help: Kids Back to School Ear Savers

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Up in here in Canada, our kids are going back to school full time (depending on the area and age). We've printed ear savers and while super useful, I need some design help with a solution for every school day use. I used the kid-sized thing below as an example. I'd like to change one side to be a semi-permanent hook so that a regular elastic mask can be attached and not easily fall off. The second change would be a "clip" of some kind to hook the ear saver and attached mask to a lanyard. Kids will be eating at their tables. The thinking is they take off the mask/ear saver, clip it to a lanyard they wear around their neck.. it doesn't get lost or hit the floor.

I know that I can get this file into TinkerCad and start experimenting.. but I thought I would throw it out here just in case someone has a thing already made or any design advice.


Mask ear saver/strap for kids
by esqube

Just remake one of my earsaver so you can put a lanyard.

I wear mask on 12 hour turn and don't fall apart with this saver.

Put it in the back of your neck, not on top of your head, and will work fine.

Hope it help you. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4564741/files

P.D. Someone knows why the new designs don't show their images??

EarSaver With Ring For A Lanyard

New design images are slow to appear typically when Thingiverse is being swamped with requests/updates

Hi, that pic is very helpful. There are a lot of great designs out there for these including the one below, so I have never tried to design these. However I think I can modify the design you posted and add the features you mentioned. Since these are kids using these the lanyard clip will need to be pretty robust though. I have another thought for a design of the clip but will make one similar to your drawing and the other as an alternate you can test if you want to. I should have them posted today and will update here with a link.

Edit - here is the thing - it has not been printed (and this may not be the final design since I may adjust the hooks a bit).

Edit 2 - the final designs (at least until I test print them) are up.

Edit 3 - it's tested and the final versions are posted. I removed the version with a different type of clip which did not print well, but the design you suggested seems to be ideal for speed and simplicity.

Small and Smaller Size Mask ear savers (REMIX) with lanyard clip and mask retaining clip on one side

Hi tinkerbittany. I'm a designer who doesn't normally focus towards this, but I made a mask ear saver a little while ago that I've used, and kids that I know have used as well. I just uploaded it, and see what you think. The primary benefit is that when you take the mask off, it stays around the hooks on your neck, so you don't need to put it back on, keep it somewhere, or leave it around your ear. You can easily slip it off your face when you need to eat/talk, and put it back on without taking it off entirely. It also keeps the nose area tight and secure.

It doesn't do everything that you are looking for, such as the lanyard option, but it's probably okay considering that it stays up on it's own and doesn't fall off.

If you need to revise it or if you would like me to resize/revise the design, please let me know.

Hope this helps!


*Edit - I included the IPT File for modification.

Ear Saver (Kid Version, doesn't fall off when you pull the mask down!)
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