Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

by paulnord


Touchless hand sanitizer stand made with a Hi-Hat Stand.
Perfect for the modern band room

Percussion Plus 900H Standard Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand

Requires some 2 inch long 1/4"x20 machine screws and nuts.

This object was made in Tinkercad. Edit it online

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
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Anti Touch Keychain Tool - Covid-19 -combat the virus by kanqoon

by Kanqoon-Design

Potentially contaminated surface COVERED !!!

  • door opener retractable for supermarked fridge doors, deep freezer slide doors, etc.
  • complete retractable tip for electronic cash / ec, identification number, numeric keypad
  • with door handle and tip contacted surface complete inside the cover
  • slider complete fixed inside the cover with clipfunktion
  • use the tip also for pressure sensitive monitors
  • open / close function
  • push mechanical buttons contactless
  • clamping function fix handles / every fitting grip by pulling back the thumb
  • slider stop the slider is secured against falling out by a stop function



Kanqoon Ergonomic Anti Touch Corona Keychain Door Opener Tool in a Cover
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Corona Strap

by FullPlastic


Simple idea. If in doubt get your strap out!

Print strips of Copper3D PLA filament as single 0.3mm layer continuous lines. Heat, wrap around a handle. Violia cheap self disinfecting copper nanoparticle surface. Also tried 16mm disc as industrial machine start button for factories. Also used as a doorbell button cover.

Just a concept for now but my house is now covered in it. The idea is they are used in high volume traffic areas like shared toilets, factories, shops. Anywhere where a lot of people will touch the same surface. Cheaper than copper wrap and more effective due to the nanoparticles.

Wont tarnish and loose antiviral properties like regular copper or brass.

Would like feedback/ideas please.


Corona Strap
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The Midas Touch Copper3D PLA Active door opener

by FullPlastic


Minimised wireframe design of the corona door opener using wireframe technique and circles to take advandage of hoop stress and allow the part to spring and flex rather than creep. Design inspiration came from a historical bridge in Pontypridd that fell down 3 times until they put holes in it that reduced its weight and increased its strength.

Can be adapted for touchscreen that will work with iphone and samsung using household 1.5mm wire and 1/4inch copper tape.

Has a button poker on the bottom for chip n pin and atm.

Added bottle opener that doubles up as a glove remover and light switch roller.

Designed for use with Copper3D PLA Active filament.

Printed with no top or bottom. No infill. 0.4mm nozzle and 8 walls. Model designed specifically for these wall settings do not modify or it will be very weak.

Wireframe allows for >100 to be printed on 1 reel of 750Kg Copper3D filament so cost is minimal.

Work in progress undergoing beta testing with 70 users, some design changes already planned for near future before making hundreds of them.

The Midas Touch Corona Door Opener
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Covid Contactless key

by nirmalmehta

This was designed to be handy, sturdy and light weight at once.
This key can be used with keychain, to be handy and always with you.
Light weight of only 7-8g if PLA is used.
Sturdy as you can see in the video


Covid Holder key
coronavirus covid-19 holder keychain prusa Safety
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Created a Multipurpose Covid Key printable using Copper3D

by designstation97

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aryeaVHank0&feature=youtu.be

Hello everyone,
We have created the Covid Key that is designed using Autodesk Inventor 2020 and can be printed using Copper3D AntiMicrobial 3D Printing Filament on Ultimaker 3.
The Covid Key can be used for preventing ourself from touching on surfaces that are prone to the COVID-19.This involves places where the human contact is maximum.The key can be used for :
1.Opening and closing the doors of public places without coming in contact with the door handle
2.Typing on keyboard,Laptop, credit card machines, etc.
3.Opening and closing the drawer of washing machine or cupboard.
4.Carrying covers containing groceries at shops
5.Operating the elevators to press on the switches.

Here is the link to the 3D Model on thingiverse:

covid covid-19 COVID19 covidkey hackthepandemic key
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Kid Inspired Key Chain stylus and door opening keychain tool

by rsvwa

Touch-less tool,Keychain Tool, Stylus, Door and Keypad to support use for kid safety. Retro design, ease of use, ease of print.

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Elevator foot door opender

by dawandeh123

Foot door opener for elevator doors.

Print instructions:
I used PLA, 10% honeycomb infill with 50% infill around the bend.

Use a strong double sided tape.

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