Mask for speaker

by papapingouin

Hello, i'm teacher, and i'have problem with student , because the student don't see my lips.

i see this project, it's possible to make with 3D printer ?


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Open source contact tracing hardware

by samdvl

Hello everyone,
Many governments developed contact tracing apps to install on smartphones, however some people do not have a smartphone.
These people are generally the most vulnerable, like old people and homeless people.
Others do not want a smartphone, or only use open source and free software.
In my case, my government financed a team to develop an open source app: https://github.com/immuni-app/immuni-documentation
Still, It relies on the google/apple services and systems.
My first attempt to develop a device capable of doing so is more like a proof of concept: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4361100
There are many features missing and the platform I used only works with wifi.
I think esp32 can do it, it has Bluetooth and could save all contacts and upload them via wifi.
Of course there's the need of servers and the infrastructure to collect data and monitor the contacts, that will need to work with the existing system.

Wifi sniffer Contact tracing ESP8266
by samdvl
COVID19 hackthepandemic
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I Modeled a 3D-Printed DIY Coronavirus Face Mask Respirator

by EngineeringJuice

For anyone that wants to model one themselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAfLwORxRAo

(device is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to treat or prevent and disease, disorder, virus or illness)

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Face mask for deeply impaired children

by Pat198

It isn't easy to work with deeply impaired children. Some of them rely on the facial emotions. When we use a mask all the emotions are hidden.
I am searching for an open mask. A mask with some kind of little plastic window to allow facial expressions. I found a really good try: (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4311590), but i think it can be designed better. More open, easier to print and maybe with a less aggressive look.
Any ideas ?
I added some pictures of textile masks.

BolivAIR Mask Remix for the Deaf
by Cowlick
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Feet to Create COVID-19 Divider Screens

by Smith_System

The re-opening of schools in the wake of a global pandemic will force a new normal that’s anything but for students, teachers and parents. How can we help kids, in particular, prepare? Use our free design file and your 3D printer to make low-cost barrier screens.

Download our free design file to create a basic 3D plastic stand for making classroom screens. After printing the stand, students simply slide any type of firm material into the slots, like plywood, cardboard from collapsed boxes or foam board, to create an upright barrier. Even the smallest of 3D printers can handle the job. (Note: Parts are under 6” long). https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4377572

For more information, visit

Feet to Create COVID-19 Divider Screens
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1:72 models

by naddmaddart

isn't there anyone that disgn 1:72 model normal humans that can be use with train sets and/or bonsai trees. mini gardens etc.

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Hack My Haircut

by RFBeats

Self isolation has my hair all messy, what can you come up with to make cutting my own hair easy?

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ear protectors

by Awesome3DPrinter1234

please make a challenge for ear protectors that is one i like also everyone try to donate them they are really helping


Surgical Mask Strap Remix
by Suraky
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Hack My Haircut

by RFBeats

Self isolation has my hair all messy, what can you come up with to make cutting my own hair easy?

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