Mask for speaker

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Hello, i'm teacher, and i'have problem with student , because the student don't see my lips.

i see this project, it's possible to make with 3D printer ?


The flatpack face frame system i recently posted can be used with large zip lock bag and a screw in filter. see pic attached. Stays transparent with application of washing up liquid. Lets sound through because of the flexible membrane, but would work best with a microphone underneath. seals air tight and can be checked for a seal using a positive pressure test. Ill be listing it this weekend as its completing final testing with parents of deaf children. it would need to be removed every couple of hours as humidity builds within it, i place a strip of absorbant sponge in the bottom and replace every few hours. so its not as comfortable long term, but ive been wearing it for hours on end in the shops and at work and can get along with it, tends to whislte if the seal is broken anywhere.

posted with full detailed instructions in pdf. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4577648

Eye Cu Smile V1 Prototype Transparent Face Covering Kit / Clear Mask. NanoHack Copper3D Filter

Two issues.
Is very difficult to print a mask that actually protect, and is safe to wear.
Is almost impossible to print something transparent, you need special filaments and proper postprocesing.

Probably your best shot is to buy some comercial transparent mask. Not sure about their level of protection. Remember "distance is the best protection"

I recently saw this project on Thingiverse, it uses an existing mask and filter, and you print the coupling between the two. Take a look: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4282432

Decathlon Easybreath V1 to RD40 filter coupler - Open Souce CAD

i have try it, the sound is very bad and it's very heavy. thanks for idea.

Is it the sound of air rushing through the filter that's bad? or is it just the way it sounds when you talk within the mask?

The level of sound, is not good for classroom. is a test with diving mask and without , https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrnkfb6nh1idi7l/record20200621112127.3gpp?dl=0 (sorry for accent ;) ) the recorder is at 1m.

Hi! I think you're going to have that kind of problem with any mask. I did some searching online and did find this, as well as a bunch of other videos on how to do something similar.
I think if you found one microphone/speaker device it might solve your issue!