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Dancing fairies

by garbled

I'm trying to build a set of 3 fairies that will be suspended by strings, and I want them to dance a bit up and down. My idea was to print a crankshaft model, and then tie strings to it. Does anyone have a better method?

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3D print a black skull with 3rd party resins on the Form2

by RobotMama

Hey everyone,

I had the chance to test a pretty cool looking 3rd party resin (Liqcreate Stone Coal Black) to print a skull and miniatures on my Formlabs Form 2. I thought this might be an interesting post for Halloween. The video covers the following topics:

-Exchanging Build Platform
-Exchanging Resin Tank
-Filter/Clean Resin
-Prepare Printer for using 3rd Party Resin
-Prepare a Model in Preform for printing & Uploading to the Printer
-Postprocessing Prints: Clean/Rinse with Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Cure, Cutting Supports

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by superchuck333

If you have an idea about how to use LED lights for Halloween Decorations please share them here!

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