Issues with immigration

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Here is my story. I am a third year engineering student at Arizona State, and unfortunately, I have become a victim of racial profiling (I am a US citizen) that put my father in jeopardy of being deported. I love doing what I do (sharing my passion for 3d printing) and unfortunately I will not be able to continue this passion. I am debating whether I should fight back and file a civil suit, however, I currently do not have the funds to do so but if you have a friend who is an immigration lawyer, please contact me via the messaging app built into Thingiverse. Also, if you feel compelled or are facing or know someone who is facing a similar story, CONTACT me as I would like to build a case. Also, any donations would greatly expedite things. I have my PayPal account linked to my Thingiverse account so it is convenient.

Please help, I want to continue this passion.