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Auto Bed Levelling Woes in Marlin V1.1.9

by GregFax

Has anyone else had problems moving to V1.1.9 with their HyperCube Mega 2560?
I was running V1.1.3, and decided to upload V1.1.9.
Everything sort of goes, but Z Homing and Auto Bed Levelling are a disaster.
The print bed moves away (down) from the hotend on homing, but all other Z moves are the right way.

Has anyone else had this problem?
(I've gone blind reading thru the comments on GitHub, and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get my HyperCube going again....

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Flex3drive for Hypercube

by leving


is there any ready STL file for using the flex3drive on the hypercube?
Any inout is welcome

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Maximizing Z height on Hypercube based on the official BOM.

by dmulligan

My Hypercube parts are slowly trickling in. For the most part I sourced the parts from the BOM based on specification as opposed to the exact parts in the links. I screwed up. I didn't notice the BOM is for a build area of X200 x Y200 x Z155 and that the BOM parts are not necessarily exactly what are needed but are reasonable recommendations of what to buy. I had it in my mind that the build area was 200mm cubed and if possible that is what I would like to achieve without changing too many parts. It takes so long to get them and the parts I've already ordered are halfway here.

The BOM specifies 400mm x 12mm smooth rod for the z axis which is what I ordered. I strayed away from the BOM for my z stepper motor and lead screw because it is something I already have on hand. I have a NEMA 17 motor with 300mm integrated lead screw. In the notes section of the Hypercube Calculator Jamie says that you can safely take 50mm off the lead screw. However does this apply to motors with integrated lead screws?

It looks like in order to get 200mm of usable Z height all I need to replace are my z extrusions with at least 400mm extrusions. I am actually planning to get 500mm long extrusions to give me some room underneath. There is also an improved version of the bed support which gives 18mm more z height. Are there any other tricks to squeezing more print area out of the design by only changing the parts I have to print?

BOM hypercube
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X-axis very loud and vibrating

by Hevilp


I got a 400er HEVO and got noisy sounds on my x-axis (mostly). I changed it to linear rails, because I thought it comes from bearings.

Now I got noisy sounds and massive vibrations when I print faster than 50 mm/s. All under 50 mm/s is qiuet.
With the change to the linear rails, I reinstalled x y completly and the sounds is still there :(


What can I do more?

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Disassembling CR-10s to Build a Hypercube

by kltower4

Hey all, this is my virgin post so please be nice to me. I'm very attracted to the Hypercube concept and I seriously considering to disassemble my CR-10s, use the parts and build a Hypercube to minimize the cost of building a new one. Now the question is: Is it worth it? Currently, my CR-10s is quite heavily modded with both printed parts and purchased parts.

Items that was printed:

  • Remove the additional control box and now everything is underneath the printer
  • Z Axis Brace

Item that was purcahsed:

  • Micro Swiss hotend

I just want to know what are your thoughts before embarking on such endeavour. So I really want to know what you guys think...

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