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New Hyper Cube make with PNP NO Sensor

by madcap23


Trying to get a PNP NO sensor to work with the BTT 1.3 SKR board. The sensor I have has the following specs:
LJ18A3-8-Z/BY-5V;Theory : Inductive Sensor;Output Type: PNP NO;Diameter of Column Sensor: 18mm;Detecting Distance : 8mm

Currently using Marlin 2.x release and if I put mechanical end stops in place it homes correctly and I do not seem to have issues, however if I put the sensor in place I get a good solid light on it when sensing the print platform, but no matter what I try I in the firmware I always get either Triggered or open on an M119. Does anyone have any good wiring diagrams for connecting a PNP NO sensor to the BTT 1.3?


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SKR 1.3 LCD Issues

by Xisrith

Hello, I'm currently building my cube and I am using the SKR 1.3, but having issues with the LCD. I watched Tech2C's video about the board and didn't notice anything special about setting up the LCD. I'm using the LCD that is linked in the Hypercube Thing BOM.

I'm using the firmware provided on the Thing page and am able to connect to the board over USB via Pronterface. If I click the knob on the LCD the beeper does go off which indicates that something is connected.

Currently the LCD doesn't display anything, no backlight, no characters, just darkness. If I switch it out for the LCD from an old printer of mine (also uses the 2004 chip), then the backlight flickers, but nothing more.

I noticed on the SKR that it seems the ground pin is in a different place than it is on an old Melzi board I had lying around, is there an adapter I'm missing?

Any help or info is greatly appreciated, thanks

bigtreetech_skr lcd
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X carriage wobble

by Tikz

Hello fellow hypercubists ! I've just finished building my Hypercubic (hypercube made out of Anycubic Mega parts). After 3 full days of struggle everything works ! It's really amazing, silent and fast.
I have noticed 1 problem though. My X-carriage wobbles a bit back and forth in Y direction. I mean the actual carriage, not the whole gantry.
I have carbon rods+Igus bushings. Seems like they're a bit too loose ?
Any ideas?

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Skewed movement

by buster2006

So I've just taken my 'cube completely apart and started to rebuild from scratch, on a flat glass table, making sure to align/square the frame as best I could (armed only with a set square) and I'm still running in to the same problem.

There's a slight twist somewhere that's causing the X/Y carriage to wander somewhat at the extremities of the bed. For example, if I home X & Y, then start moving the carriage along the X axis, the right bearing block starts moving towards me and the left one away. It's a good couple of mm or so movement at either end, enough to disengage the Y endstop at around 40mm of X travel.
Same goes for the Y axis; home X & Y, start moving along the Y and the carriage moves to the right the further away from home I go (and again, disengages the X endstop at around 30mm from home).
I've tried multiple combinations of belt tension; tight, loose, one tight one loose etc. but can't seem to straighten it out.

I didn't really notice the problem initially as I was only printing small parts, but it arose the other day whilst preparing to print a large (180x100 ish) piece. Being the first large print I've done I thought I'd test the movement first and noticed the wandering.

If it helps, it's a standard build (200mm³ print size), 2020 extrusion, 10mm carbon fibre w/polymer bushings, 8mm (7.96) steel rods w/LM8LUU bearings, held together with those crappy Banggood brackets (maybe this is part of the problem?). Parts were printed on a crappy Chinese i3 clone, they came out functional but far from perfect.
Without belts installed, both the X and Y move freely with no binding (Y with gravity, X needs some assistance due to the bushings, but it's not exactly difficult to move).

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Dual Extrusion: Which Extruder ? (for Remote Direct Drive)

by nikkitoshi

Hi, I'm planning on making a dual extruder version of the
Remote Direct Drive [see https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4268741 ].

My little research gave me this perspective:

  • a dual extruder system must have a way to calibrate the relative height of the extruders.
  • it is possible to drive to noodles at the same height (without servo for the switching process)
    This leads us to the candidates:
  1. E3D Chimera
  2. 2x E3D V6

Whats your opinion ?
Do you know a better solution ?

remote direct extruder with flexible drive shaft and worm gear - remote extruder - Mix of Titan and Bowden Extruder -
direct_drive_extruder dual_extrusion extruder remote
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