Eva Extruder Mount + Fusion Rail System interest?

by blindmoe

I have a HEvo using the Fusion Linear Rail system and am wanting to try out different extruder / hotend mounts. I already put up an adapter plate for the Voron Afterburner but am really interested in getting an EVA ( https://main.eva-3d.page/ ) adapter created. I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in this as well? I have a very crude design setup that is meant as a proof-of-concept but if I get it working I will probably continue on. If anyone else is interested in this please let me know and maybe we can work together to get it looking spiffy and working great.

One of the main things I want to ask of the community is: Which belt tensioning system have you found to be the easiest / most effective for your HyperCube Evo?

EVA Universal Mounting System: https://main.eva-3d.page/
Voron Afterburner Adapter plate:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4859149

Hypercube Evo to Voron Afterburner Adapter
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Hypercube Evolution Z Axis problem

by Monart

Z axis moves up and down perfectly when homing. When I load a file to print and press print, it warms up the heated bed and once that is up to set temperature, it moves Z axis down a bit and thats when it goes haywire. It almost looks like it is not sending enough voltage to motors on slow move or something. I have the Z motors connected in series and that seems to work very good when I send manual move commands. I have a 300x300 bed and am using Marlin 1.1.9 Firmware because I couldnt get the Marlin 2 version to work with my Full Graphics Smart controller. Attached is my Configuration file. Can someone help or tell me what my problem could be ?

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Hypercube Evolution Compact Dual 4010 Direct Drive Mount

by BoothyBoothy

Hi Everyone, FYI I have created a further variation to my Compact 4010 Blower which includes a direct drive mount for a Creality Dual Gear Extruder. I have included the step files if you wish to remix for your own needs or type of extruder. The basic mount can also be used for a Bowden system if the direct drive mounting bracket is removed.Best Boothy


Hypercube Evolution Compact Dual 4010 Direct Drive Mount
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Hypercube Evolution Compact Dual 4010 Duct V3

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All,
FYI I have revised my compact 4010 duct with improved lighter ducts and additional variants for a Volcano Hot End. Best Boothy


Hypercube Evolution Compact Dual 4010 Duct V3
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My Hypercube Mods 2 by Boothy

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All, If anyone is interested. I have published some additional mods for my Hypercube Evo (Links below).

The first is a revision of the Compact Dual Fan mount to include an optical X end stop (non stock). Secondly I have mixed my own XY joiner which is fixed to the Y Axis guides with extended fixings. The 4 M3 x 50 mm bolts fasten forward of the idler spindles and therefore will hopefully reduce the likelihood of the parts laminating due to drive belt tension. Certainly due to the print orientation not 100% guaranteed not to split but to date they appear much more robust than the original parts. All the retention fixings except the 2 flags locations(thermal M3 inserts) are all M3 Nylocs. Please note this joiner is a 10 mm to 8 mm guide type. I have included step files if you wish to change to 8\8. I have also included a joiner with the standard x flag. Best Boothy


Hypercube Evolution Compact Dual 4010 Duct 2 with X Endstop
Hypercube Evolution XY Joiner with Extended Bolt Fixings
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My Hypercube Mods by Boothy

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All, I have just published some of my major mods for my recent Hypercube Evo build. I have also included step files for personal derivatives. Best Boothy





PCB & Display Enclosure for 3030 Extrusion SKR V1.4 & 3.5 TFT
Hypercube Evolution Compact Dual 4010 Duct Assembly
3030 PSU Stand
Hypercube Evo Side Mounted Extruder Bracket
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Any suggestions for ordering BOM\parts in the UK?

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All, I am really keen to start ordering parts to create my own Hypercube Evolution, the 300 x 300 x 300 dual Z axis BOM. I do not necessarily want to order a full kit from Aliexpress but its an option. I am quite happy to order the parts bit by bit and complete over a period of time ( I would quite like to see if I could integrate a lower cost 32 bit board like a SKR mini and possible linear rails eventually. Does anyone know of a UK supplier that will supply the parts even if its the basic frame to start with ? Oozenest do supply extrusions to bespoke length but they do not stock a 3030 profile just an 4040 section. Does anyone know of a BOM that uses a 4040 base frame section? Cost is not a deal breaker but I would like to keep it value for money where possible but very open to suggestions if the quality is assured. Thanks in advance Boothy

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Assembling the X Carriage

by robb_nl

Hi @Scott_3D
Can you shed some light on the X-Carriage construction? Am I correct that in the bearingholder of the X-Carriage there ar 10 brass inserts? 6 on top and 4 on the sides (2 either side) for the tensioning?
How is the small printed insert, where the belt is wrapped around connected to the 3mm bolt? Is it just pressed in and the belt keeps it in place?

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Connecting the max & min endstops ?

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All, I am considering buying the Big Tree SKR V1.4 for my HEVO build but it only appears to have 3 x 3 pin connectors for the axis end stops. When using the optical max & min do you simply splice both max and min and connect to the same connector ? After googling several times I cannot find anything specific on this subject. Some of the wiki links have been removed or unattainable.

Do I need a max and min ? can I get away with just the home ends stop as per all my other Creality printers ?

Edit: I have just found this video by Grumpy Old Tech which explains a lot and I now see that there are effectively six connectors on the V1.3 but the V1.4 appears lightly different ?

I do not really use levelling sensors so would also like to include at least one Z end stop.

Thanks in advance and all advice gratefully received.

Best wishes Boothy

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