My Hypercube Mods 2 by Boothy

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Hi All, If anyone is interested. I have published some additional mods for my Hypercube Evo (Links below).

The first is a revision of the Compact Dual Fan mount to include an optical X end stop (non stock). Secondly I have mixed my own XY joiner which is fixed to the Y Axis guides with extended fixings. The 4 M3 x 50 mm bolts fasten forward of the idler spindles and therefore will hopefully reduce the likelihood of the parts laminating due to drive belt tension. Certainly due to the print orientation not 100% guaranteed not to split but to date they appear much more robust than the original parts. All the retention fixings except the 2 flags locations(thermal M3 inserts) are all M3 Nylocs. Please note this joiner is a 10 mm to 8 mm guide type. I have included step files if you wish to change to 8\8. I have also included a joiner with the standard x flag. Best Boothy


Hypercube Evolution Compact Dual 4010 Duct 2 with X Endstop
Hypercube Evolution XY Joiner with Extended Bolt Fixings