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Usb cable

by Silverman2003

Ever since i got my wanhao duplicator i3 i was unable to connect to my computer via usb, and so i was never able to use softwares in order to manage the printer.
Right now it is pretty important for me to be able to connect to the computer because my lcd screen isnt working.
Any idea why the usb connection isnt functioning?
Here is a picture of the printer:

Lcd Not functioning Usb
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Extruder Drive Gear Set Screw Totally Stripped

by ebattaglia42

Hey guys. Just got a different drive gear as an upgrade but when I tried removing the old one I accidentally stripped the set screw... Anyone have any ideas how I can remove it? Thanks.

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Maker select v2 is moving weirdly

by aznfever87

My printer is making unnecessary movements dragging filament into the print and outside of the brim. Sometimes it just passes by where it is supposed to print just making a clicking noise. This is only for the brim/skirt etc. Once it starts printing the piece, it is usually fine. I am new to 3d printing.

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Latest Melzi board burns or not?

by inches


I have a board called a Melzi Hybrid 3.5. The rep from Monoprice said my printer I bought in June is not liable to burn because they've gone through upgrades.


That's the chat transcript.

Is there information on this "new" 3.5 board, and have there been any reports of burning on the latest models?

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connecting Raspberry Pi to i3 plus

by stepea

I'm thinking of adding octoprint to my setup - How do I connect a raspberry pi to my Wanhao i3 plus. Is it as simple as connecting usb cable from pi to i3.

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