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USB powers up LCD - can this be stopped?

by spandit

With the main power switch off, when I plug the USB lead from my OctoPi in, the LCD switches on - is there any way of stopping this? It's led to a few problems where I've tried preheating the extruder and it crashes OctoPrint because the connection can't handle the power

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Flexible filament, great Brim but nothing else

by divreig

So just tried using flexible filament after a long time and I'm getting a weird result. The brim sticks to the bed perfectly but the minute it starts printing the actual part no bed adhesion. Wondering why this is happening ? guessing there's some sort of difference in the first layer of the brim versus the print anybody know what those settings are? In cura?

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by Itoodummy

Hello everybody, please get back to me soon because I am currently printing Christmas gifts.

On my MP Maker Select V2 the nozzle was jammed. I tried pushing it through and taking it out, but it was stuck there. I took off the side fan, and everything there was fine. The jam was in the heatblock/nozzle. Please tell me what to do or make a video showing how to do it.


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Are stud thermistors less accurate?

by Todd500

I was interested in getting a m3 stud thermistor like this one

But my concern is that it's going to give a lower temperature, especially when a fan is blowing on it. Does anyone have any experience with these types of thermistors? I would feel less worried if they made it out of aluminum and it was insulated or something.

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Issue removing prints from build plate

by Tinkercad54

I own a Monoprice Maker Select Plus and I use a glass build plate with PLA. I generally put glue on the build plate to help the print stick better. I usually use the scraper tool to remove my prints. Sometimes when I print something with a large area on the build plate, I have trouble removing my prints. They are usually stuck on very tightly and I have been hitting them with the back of the scraper to knock it off. Although this usually works, sometimes it damages prints and causes the bed to become unlevel. If anyone has ever had this issue or knows an easier way to do this please let me know.

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