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Using Amazon brand filament

by kallend

I have a Monoprice Maker Select and using Hatchbox PLA everything is fine.

I decided to try Amazon's own brand and all I get is a mess. It won't reliably stick to the buildplate for the first layer, and even if it does, subsequent layers turn out badly.

I've tried different extruder and buildplate temperatures, to no avail. So I went back to Hatchbox, and all is well again.

Has anyone had a good experience with Amazon brand filament?

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Best extruder/hotend?

by davesaint88

Hey all. I'm looking to upgrade my extruder/hotend. Whats a good one that will fit onto my IIIP?

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Prints for an hour then the print fails.

by Z408

Monoprice Maker Select Plus V2. Printing with PLA, temperature set to 210c. Everything I try to print fails in about an hour or so. What I suspect is happening is that the heating element over heats and shuts down. Then the extruder tries to push the filament and it cannot. Then the extruder gets backed up and its motor gets really hot.

If I pull all the filament out and start over right away. I will only print for a few layers then the same thing happens. But if I wait until everything cools down and print, it will print for an hour or so, then fail.

The other thing that I think is happening is that heat from the heater is moving up to the extruder area and causing the filament to soften and then it is not able to be pushed into the nozzle. Similar to if it was TPU.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Anyone know what mod this is?

by NoJive

This is on my Maker Select V2 that I bought used, and have no idea what it's for?

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Question Regarding Auto Bed Leveling

by Awesomeguyx

Hey all,
So I just wanted to clear something up regarding two videos about installing an auto bed leveling system onto a Monoprice Maker Select V2 (Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2.1). The first video (initial method) said that you could place a sensor into an Arduino Uno which is connected into the stock Melzi board and into the computer. The Melzi board is also connected into the computer. Also, this person said that you would need to switch over to the Marlin firmware. I understand how this person could use a sketch in the Arduino IDE and send it to the Melzi board through the Arduino Uno to tell the Melzi board the auto bed leveling "function". However, the second video says to create a voltage divider and not have any need to connect an Arduino Uno in between the sensor and the Melzi board. If that's the case, then how is the Melzi board told to perform the auto bed leveling "function" if there is no Arduino Uno to tell it how to perform it? Does it have something to do with the Marlin firmware? Could someone clear this up for me?

Video links: Initial method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL4PZPHHfT0
Voltage Divider method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3nzSxEpCrU


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