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Ventilate my print cabinet, tips

by hendrik6073


I bought a Ikea closet to put my printer in. I added a toilet vent to suck the air out. Connected the 110mm hose to a vent in my window. This has not the effect i was hoping for, hav no a lot sucksion Is there a better (cheap) way to actively suck air from this closet ?

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by gcfisher

I click on my Cura and it doesn't show up. I mean, you can see in the top left that its opened, but it won't show up. Any ideas?

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Under Extrusion? What the Heck

by roepke414

So I have a maker select v2 with a micro swiss nozzle brand new. My bed is level beyond belief. Extruder gear is clean as heck. Filament is old(PLA). PID tune was already done by myself set at 220 I print the first few layers at 220 then to 215 we go.

When it performs its wipe it like dribbles out into like little dots then it forms a solid line. It does this when creating the perimeter too. It under extrudes a bunch super randomly. No idea why.

I have the stock cooler. I have the Y axis bracing. I slice in Slic3r. All prints done at .2mm layer height.

I provided pictures of the benchy and a random cube I made for testing. I tried the prints with my fan on 100% of the time. Today I am going to open a new pack of filament (PLA) and give it the beans.

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Printer Dead

by DashMo

Hi everyone. I'm sure someone has had this problem before but it is difficult to find in all of these posts. Last night, my printer stopped mid-print. The fan continues to run when i power on the printer but the control box LCD doesn't work and there are no beeping sounds when I turn the dial. Any ideas what could be wrong before I take this thing apart? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Is there any Dual cooling fan Duct for Wanhao I3 ?

by SmaiLee

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a dual cooling duct for 2x Blower fans for my Printer.
There are plenty for other brands than Wanhao Duplicator I3/Knockoffs but none for our.
Anyone got one ?


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