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Are stud thermistors less accurate?

by Todd500

I was interested in getting a m3 stud thermistor like this one

But my concern is that it's going to give a lower temperature, especially when a fan is blowing on it. Does anyone have any experience with these types of thermistors? I would feel less worried if they made it out of aluminum and it was insulated or something.

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Whats deying? Heater cartrage or Power suppily.

by divreig

So, my power nozzle will not heated past 186C with heat bed on at over 40C. If I lower the bed to less then 40 I can get it nozzle up to 203, but no higher. Last week before any of this happened I was getting weird burring smell form control box. Smelled like a old TV when the transformer was going out.

But on the other hand I have had he printer for a 2 years now sit could just be the heat cartridge burring out, right?

Any one had this problem.

heating nozzel power_supply
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Weird under extrusion / Feathering

by olorle

I've been fighting this for a couple of weeks and can't seem to figure out what is causing this odd feathering sort of under extrusion. I've done all of the usual cleaning, releveling, etc. that i would normally expect to fix the issue. It also only shows up on certain sorts of details (things with sharper curves) that have more movement happening and it happens very consistently in the same places if I print the same parts.

I'm printing on a Maker Select V2, slicing in Cura. Older files that I print seem to be printing ok, but I can't find any actual differences in my setting to account for it. Any suggestions on where I should be looking to account for this sort of issue?

printer help under extrusion
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Heated bed problem

by swarfy

I have a wanhao i3 mk 2 that has been fine I went to print something yesterday but after a few minutes the bed temp just kept rising I turned off let it cool down then tried again with same result the print called for 50degrees but it went to over 100 before I turned of again on starting again later the bed is staying at room temp ,I checked connections and the green connector no sign of burning checked connections on bed with voltmeter and showing no power either at the bed end or connector terminals ,continuity from conector to bed is good please help I’m not particularly great with electronics so please don’t get too technical
Cheers in anticipation mick

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Y axis bed chatter/layer shifting.

by CantKillUsAll

Hi folks,

Recently, I've been getting a lot of Y axis chatter on fast Y movements. I pulled the build surface and made sure all the (stock) bolts were tight, which seemed to lessen the problem. Now, no more than 20 print hours later, the chatter is back even worse and I'm getting a pretty bad layer shift along the Y axis on the current model I'm working on. It happened at different layers of the print the two times I've tried, so I don't believe it's model related. I've been using the same bed and binder clips without issue for a good amount of time, and it doesn't look like the glass is shifting on it's own, but If I add a little pressure to the build plate with my finger, the chatter pretty much vanishes.

Any suggestions of what I should be looking at to correct this? My first two considerations are making sure the Y plate bolts are tight (and possibly add Loctite to prevent me from having to do it again), and to lower the build plate/Z axis sensor so that there's more tension on the springs. I was also thinking that it could be a Y belt tension/alignment issue, but I'm not 100% sure what I'd need to do to diagnose/correct this.

I do have a second printer (MP Mini Select V2) that I could print parts on if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you guys can provide!

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