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by magick81

Hi guys,
I recently got my hands on a Cocoon Create Touch. this has happened a couple times and is really beginning to frustrate me.
During print when i notice I am running low on filament, I would pause my print. The the extruder would move to the front left hand corner of the bed.
Then I would press "Back" till I hit the main menu, then "Quick Menu" then "Change Filament".

Then I would select "Remove Filament" and the extruder would raise to certain level, and then drop and would be ready to remove filament.
After pulling the filament out, I would hit "Add Filament".
Once again extruder would raise, and then drop and would be ready to add.

After adding the new filament, what do I need to do to resume printing?
I have gone into my job and unpaused the print, and it would not adjust the position of the extruder. It would just continue printing the job from where the extruder is at and would just print in the air.

I try to make sure I always have enough on my spool for a print. But it doesnt always work out for me. There has to be a better way to do this guys. Its a really stupid bug on would should be an excellent printer for its price.

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project file needed

by Mledenko96

So I have the i3 plus and I put the flexion extruder on it because it was not doing a good job of extruding. I am using pla right now but will start using tpu/ninjaflex later. So I just need a project file for the pla.

Problems at this point
-a lot of stringing
-under extruding
-when the first layer is printing it would lift off the bed and jam(When I use a raft it helps but its a waste of material and time)

Thank You

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Burning power supply cable

by Metroknight

Hi I have a MakerSelect v2 and It's producing a burning smell and a power supply cable is burnt. It still turns on and can preheat but I don't want to risk any of my equipment if I can still fix it. This isn't the first time and last time is really burnt, but now I don't have any warranty so I'm a little stuck can I just soldier it and put some electrical tape on it? I already know that this printer is garbage and not well made, but not till after I had it for a while. I'm saving up for a new 3d printer, but it'll be a while till then so any help will be greatly appreciated

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i3 plus firmware upgrade

by lanternfish

Hi. Was on the Wanhao website and see they have released an i3 plus mk2 with auto bed levelling. Can the i3 plus be upgraded to the i3 plus mk2 firmware/ (with suitable mod to add the appropriate sensor). Cheers

i3 plus i3 plus mk2
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Bed temp showing erratic...

by mschaffer66

This is what I'm seeing in Octoprint. Could it be a bad sensor or a communications issue? Obviously the temp really isn't swinging like that...lol

It's a I3 plus.

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