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Gulfcoast Robotics all-metal hotend clogging - Maker Select v2.1

by chevyfried

I recently purchased a GCR all metal hotend without the heating block. I put it all together, it did not assemble the way the directions say but I was able to back out the heatbreak enough to get the nozzle to screw in and meet the heat break. Installed it, clogged after a few layers. Worked with GCR to get it working, nothing we did helped. They let me exchange the one I bought for a completely assembled hotend kit that included the heating block. I installed that and got the same clogging after a few layers. Tried lowering my retraction to .5, tried turning up the heat to 235, nothing would stop the clogging. I took it out and put the old hotend in so at least I have a usable printer. Anyone got some ideas?

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Nozzle Removal Socket?

by siefertma

It looks like my nozzle needs a good cleaning (or replacement). What size socket should I use to unscrew the nozzle?

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request: Z-axis microswitch adjuster

by toecheese

Since I put in a glass bed, I can't get my print head to home to the right height. I moved the z-axis microswitch between the 3 predrilled slots (the top two, actually), but one is too high (thumbscrews so loose that they rattle and lose their setting as the bed moves), and the other position drops the head too low (can't get any clearance between the print head and the glass bed. Ideally I need a setting in between. So my options are to either dremel out the predrilled slots so that I can slide the switch up and down to any desired height, or else maybe someone with this same issue has created a printable adjuster for the switch position? I've searched but can't find anything.

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Part fan causes thermal runaway error

by Animu

So my first layer goes down fine, but the moment it turns on my part cooling fan, the extruder temp shoots down from 220 to 200. Then once it starts creeping back up to 220, it throws a thermal runaway error and freezes the printer.

i3 plus, ADVi3++, i tried doing a PID tune and it doesnt fix it. also ive had this fan for like 6 months without issue, but just recently went from stock IIIP to ADVi3++ to add a BLTouch


also oddly enough it only trips the error ~every other print (still has the weird temp drop though)

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Wanhoa i3 plus usb and computer not on speaking terms

by dkeyes01

I have a similar problem with my i3plus also, sd card works fine, but cannot get a usb connection to my printer from my computer... I have tried several different cables no change, added software to check all of my ports and the computer is working fine.... Windows 10, brand new computer have checked all usb connections with other devices, everything is working... so seems to me its the printer I have tried cura, matter control, repetier, nothing.... my com port shows Ramps also.... did the baud rate thing also, nothing has worked.... I'm not new to this, this is like my fourth printer, wrote to wanhoa, no response.... anyone have any ideas?

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