Ramps config Marlin.

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I'm forced to replace my melzi and I had one of these to hand.I have followed this setup guide,

Currently I have not hooked up the extruder motor as it has the wrong connector and I have had to order one in. I have also deliberately not connected up the heated bed.

It boots the marlin firmware (on the smart graphics full controller ) and says Mendel ready ,however I have a couple of questions. I have only used the I3 firmware before so forgive me if these are stupid questions

Marlin is installed only because I was following the tutorial, if any one has a preconfigured Repetier firmware and is willing to share then I would build and flash that instead. I tried building the wanhao i3 repetier firmwarefor repetier and changed the board typeto34 (ramps1,4) and display to full graphics controller ,However after flashing the lcd only lit up and I'm not sure the board booted.

home all .movex,y ,z are working. so are the fans. Anybody got any other settings I should change by default?


I consider front left facing the printer as (0,0) front right (200,0) and rear left (0,200) rear right (200,200) the end stop is at the rear left corner.

I ended up changing these flags to function how ti did on the mezi

define INVERT_X_DIR 0

define INVERT_Y_DIR 0

define INVERT_Z_DIR 1

define X_HOME_DIR -1

define Y_HOME_DIR -1

define Z_HOME_DIR -1

If the motors are moving in the wrong direction, then they are wired backward. You can usually reverse all the wires (ABCD->DCBA) and that will reverse the direction of the steppers.

If you are saying that you have endstops at the max side of the bed, then there's a flag in the Marlin firmware for that. My wanhao i3 is old, so I'm not sure if they switched things around, but my endstops are at the min, so you should just swap the motor direction.