Which cooler on the i3 plus

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I'm wanting to print a cooler to replace the stock one. Ive seen the cii, dii, cobra and another that was unnamed. Which would you recommend and why?
I do have a 24v radial fan on order so that's not an issue.


EDIT: Thanks guys, i've printed the ciicooler and the adapter for the i3 plus, will fit it tomorrow and see how it goes :)

Hey Defiance658!

I tried a couple but didn't like the vision issue, so I bought a radial fan (on Banggodd I think, I'll see if I can find the link), but didn't like any of the mounting designs.

So I made my first design in Fusion 360 (my GOSH! What a learning curve!) and it came out pretty good. Uses the original mount.

I haven't had time to take pics and upload it but I'll try tomorrow, if Life gives me a break... LOL!

I'll post the link in here.


I used the Cobra on my V1 printer after trying a few others and it performed better than all the others.
Sold the V1 and bought 2 Plus machines and went through a few coolers as there wasn`t a rear mounted Cobra to fit the Plus.
The others worked but did not give a clear view of the print nozzle, then a remix of the Cobra to fit the Plus came out and I printed 2 of them in ABS and they work as I expected. Still the best cooler for me with a good clear view of the nozzle while printing.

Cobra Cooler Plus Rear mount remix for the Maker Select Plus

I just went through multiple coolers and tested, and since you'll have the radial fan then I highly suggest the Ciii cooler. I first tried the Diii, and it is so bulky and you almost can't watch your print at all (either to observe first layer errors, or just be hypnotized :)). Also makes it tough to clean the nozzle at all. The Ciii still blows a ton of air, so much in fact that I max it out at 75% with the radial fan. And it also gives great visibility. One note is that I first printed the standard height Ciii and it was too close to the print bed and would push around layers and likely warp, so I had to reprint the taller one.

So, my suggestion would be the Ciii cooler model, raised by 2mm. There are multiple options for mounting on the back of your Plus as well. You can see my makes on both coolers and adapters if you'd like.

I'm still waiting on my i3 plus to arrive but I plan on using the Dii cooler. Have a blower fan on order and already picked up the screws and nuts.

I also started with the Dii and it was great. I switched to the Cii and haven't looked back. Much more convenient and mounts to the back cleanly. With the plus you can move the board up to the uppper holes and get the Cii on the bottom. Works great, less bulky, and good visibility.

I have a dii cooler and it is great

my problem with the diii was that when i printed abs, the bastard melted a bit, because its very close to the extruder.

You need to print the coolers in PETG.