Are TL Smoothers worth it for the i3 plus? do i need 24V ones?

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I was wondering if TL Smoothers are worth it for the Wanhao i3 plus? I have seen both good and bad reviews for them.
And if so, do i need special ones because it runs on 24V?

It seems that they are usually sold in packs of 3 (X, Y, E axis). But are they worth it to get for Z too?


You don't need smoothers on the Z as it barely moves. Only fractions of a millimetre at a time. Adding them to the Z won't hurt, but also won't make any noticeable difference. If you purchase TL smoothers, make sure to get the 8 diode ones for the best result. The mixed reviews online are because the 4 diode smoothers can have a much lower impact than the 8 diode smoothers.

Disclaimer: I have never used TL Smoother

In my opinion, If you are not suffering the issues that TL Smoother was designed to fix, then I would ignore them.

I think TL smoother is more of a cheap quick fix for hardware issues suffering some manufacture flaws or cheap hardware.
These flaws can occur with same model, same everything, just that a flaw occurred during the manufacturing process.

I would wonder if replacing the Hardware, such as, motherboard (Melzi), Stepper drivers and or Motor would be a better idea in the long run.

I upgraded from Melzi (burned up) to RAMPS on my Makerselect Duplicator v2.1

Nema 17 motors run on 2.8 volts, the 24V supply is for the extruder and heated bed... The smoothers will run fine!!
The logic will run on 5v, and is obtained from the onboard buck converter..

I have a truck load of TL Smoothers on the way from China, so will let you know how they work when they arrive.. :-)
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