Print One At a time settings? CURA

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I have this printer yes. :) I am wondering how you set up the print one at a time setting in CURA? I have 15.04.6 version

Did anyone manage to do this with the new Cura 2.3?

You cannot setup to print one part completely ten second completely. Only one layer of first then one layer of second etc. otherwise nozzle will hit the object that is finished while traveling

You actually can!

Providing that none of your object is too tall (taller than the Gantry clearance).
Also the objects cannot be too close from each other (when you activate the option and move objects on the bed, you see a gray box around them showing this limit).

The reason you cannot use it at the moment is probably because you didn't filled the printer head size parameters (Menu "Machine -> Machine Settings...").
You will have to measure them, but on mine (Australian clone of the i3) I use those values and it works fine:

  • Head size toward X min: 30
  • Head size toward Y min: 70
  • Head size toward X max: 60
  • Head size toward Y max: 50
  • Printer gantry height: 35

Those are "conservative" values (a little bigger than the actual values). It means I'm losing a little bed space, but I prefer that to the risk of having the print head knocking out previous prints if one of the measurements is too low :o).

PS: The option will automatically disable itself if some object dimension are too big to avoid collisions

would I be correct in thinking that these settings would work on the i3 plus as well?

Yay, thanks! This got me going with print one at a time!

Wonderful! Thankyou!

Menu Tools -> Print one at a time ?

You can never set up true sequential printing with this printer. but what you would do is print say 3 layers of the first object, then 6 layes of the second object. not sure how to set that up in cura as I no longer use it.

Again I disagree; I've been doing this a lot, and I guarantee it works fine :o)