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Universal magnetic holder for light and micrometer by Shtoong May 18, 2017
Z-Brace 0.5 by printingotb May 18, 2017
RPG Dice Rack v1.0 by DanofLA May 11, 2017
Circular Cooler for Wanhao i3 Plus by ZnakeTech May 7, 2017
Extruder wheel by Insanity682 Apr 30, 2017
Z Brace Mod Covers for Duplicator i3 ,Wanhao, Monoprice Select, Cocoon Create... by kabar03 Apr 24, 2017
One Bearing Fidget Spinner by HappyGavGav Apr 21, 2017
double fan power less noise by Celebi Apr 13, 2017
Wanhao i3 Plus Filament guide by mediaman Apr 10, 2017
Axis Caliper Alignment Jig by Antscran Apr 9, 2017
Bowser's Keep Amiibo Display Base by ChrisTheViolaNerd Apr 5, 2017
Scraper and allen key holder for wanhao duplicator i3 (di3) by Simhau Mar 26, 2017