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Ask for a thing. Maybe the community can find/make it.

by glitchpudding

Are you looking for something but can't find it? Are you not even sure what you're looking for? Explain yourself here and someone might know exactly what you need. Maybe they'll even make it for you!

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big-butt Microsoft mouse


One of microsoft's first mice had a particularly fat butt, it was later toned down into a less fat butt. IIRC Both were known as "Intellimouse" but it's the earlier fatter one I care about.
I'm looking for someone who has the FAT butt version and can SCAN it. Just the external shape, even if the buttons and details are inaccurate. I want an accurate scan of the entire shape, specifically the fat butt as it relates to the rest of the chassis.
If you have one and can take a series of orthographic projection style photos that might also be useful. But I suspect its more likely that someone would have a 3d scanner than be able to actually produce useful photographic orthos.

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Kubo and the Two Strings - Evil Sisters

by DaHai8

Would love to find a 3D Printable model of the Evil Sisters - separate face mask.

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Subgroup: Toy Accessories

by Tyhm

Didn't mean to undermine, but while I was (ironically) in search of a group like this one, I started a swap meet for toy accessories. It's the dimensions that are key - they're a bear to hammer out for something nobody actually wants, but crucial to making something you do want, and the division between "I have one of those" and "I need one of those" is vicious - I figure if we can get the ball rolling it'll flow naturally from there.

http://www.thingiverse.com/groups/toy-replacement-bits/things if anyone's interested?

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