Starting my build....

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Hey guys! Starting an InMoov build. So far I have the parts for the right hand completed. I'll post some pics as I get time. I'll be starting the prints for the wrist and forearm but those are going to take a while to complete.

Any advice on servos / motors? The video I've seen is awesome, but the movement still isn't very "fluid"


Have you seen my upgrade for the Wrist and ServoBed ?
I'm using smaller servo's and this saved some weight! (160gram each Low-arm)
And the Wrist servo is replaced to a better place, which gives mechanical a better movement and much less friction!


InMoov Wrist and Servobed upgrade
by MdG_NL

The complete build is available at http://www.inmoov.fr.
That's where you also can find the InMoov forum.
Lots of questions and answers already available.