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Up-to-date Marlin firmware for the Aurora A5

by mgilardi

Hi all,

Stay tuned for more A5 firmware updates, we are actively working to get this open source. Currently working on getting the filament sensor to unload and load as expected.

I love feedback and collaboration, so please feel free to help it along!


EDIT: We've released a solid firmware. See link above.

***NOTE: Please make sure to have a backup of your firmware (or JG's original HEX file) before proceeding with this. I take no responsibility for errors or issues, though I am here to help if I can. :)

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Mesh Bed Leveling on the A5 - How To

by DaHai8

Posted this video on setting up and using Mesh Bed Leveling on the JGAurora A5 3D Printer.
You'll need to install the latest Marlin Firmware update referenced in this group, and in the video.
Hope everyone likes it and finds it useful.


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by mgilardi

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Happy printing!

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Slicer settings and better sliced "money cat" gcode.

by DIY_glenn

I've gone through the settings of the "money cat" gcode, and created a couple of profiles that should be good. I'm using Cura 3.1.0.
The included profile on the USB was different from the pre-sliced money cat settings.

The profiles are for PLA 0.1mm and PLA 0.2mm.

It could probably print a bit faster on 0.2mm, but I had an extremely good result on 0.1mm and the money cat. The included gcode has 0.2mm layer height, and I got some blobs on the print.

My included 0.1mm version has absolutely no mistakes and looks perfect. This is using the "PLA Fine" profile and really shows what this printer is capable of.

Will probably need some more testing for anyone who'd like faster prints, but it should be a great start for newbies. I haven't had the time to do full "benchmark" prints yet. ,

The original money_cat takes less than 3 hours, this print takes approx. 5 hours 40 mins (but has twice the layer height).

Let me know how it works!

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Think I now have my Simplify 3D Settings Near Perfect

by NorfolkBits

My latest print (Part of a Lightsaber) might just need to play with the retraction settings a little more but overall quite happy.

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