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Up-to-date Marlin firmware for the Aurora A5

by mgilardi

Hi all,

Stay tuned for more A5 firmware updates, we are actively working to get this open source. Currently working on getting the filament sensor to unload and load as expected.

I love feedback and collaboration, so please feel free to help it along!


EDIT: We've released a solid firmware. See link above.

***NOTE: Please make sure to have a backup of your firmware (or JG's original HEX file) before proceeding with this. I take no responsibility for errors or issues, though I am here to help if I can. :)

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Mesh Bed Leveling on the A5 - How To

by DaHai8

Posted this video on setting up and using Mesh Bed Leveling on the JGAurora A5 3D Printer.
You'll need to install the latest Marlin Firmware update referenced in this group, and in the video.
Hope everyone likes it and finds it useful.


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by mgilardi

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Happy printing!

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by ukdotdave

Hi All!

Just took delivery of my lovely A5 at the weekend. Fairly new to 3d printing although I have had an Anycubic i3 for the past year and been steadily getting used to things. I upgraded to the JG aurora as the time has come for me to fulfil my 25 year dream of having my own RoboCop suit!!! Naturally, i needed more than anything else to have a bigger bed to do it.

Using the principle that the JG was very similiar in design to the anycubic (meaning that all the knowledge i gained could transfer over if any problems arose) I'm really glad i did now. A great printer, easy to set up (unlike the previous choice - the CR-10 which was quickly returned!!) and am happy with print quality thus far.

However, and theres always a but, i could do with some basic help and advice from you great people to help me get Cura to:

(a) Either recoqnise the printer or get the correct settings to set up properly

(b) Possibly get some help with Cura itself to determine the best settings to use for this big job

I've printed a couple of the parts and am overall happy with quality, but, there seemed to be a lot of "Stringing" which I didnt get with the old Anycubic. I guess this is the point where I now realise there is a bit more to Cura than the presets and could do with some advice.

Hope to hear from someone soon and sorry to be a pain in the butt whilst I get this all set up

Happy Days


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JGAurora forum

by samuelpinches

Thingiverse forums are not very easy to use. I don't go on thingiverse often, so I often find I miss the messages from people.

If you want to you can join us on the JGAurora forum:


Or you can join our facebook group too:


Best regards,

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