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Having trouble getting stuff to stick to bed

by Popalop

Just got my Jgaurora A5 and hoped the build plate would be good enough to get stuff to stick without needing glue or painters tape, is there something wrong I leveled it using the included test card but parts wont stick even with glue

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Under extrusion

by Popalop

I'm getting major under extrusion, I have upped the temperature and flow rate, replaced the bowden tube and nothing's helped. The pther settings in my slicer are correct, the nozzle and filament diameter are set to the right dimensions. The only thing I have noticed is it take a bit of force to get the filament into the nozzle throat because I dont think the ptfe tube is lined up. There is also ptfe tube in the nozzle throat

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Suddenly X axis is totally wrong

by coogle

Hey all,

Has anyone else experienced this issue with their JG? I've had mine for basically a year and more or less it's been a pretty solid machine. But recently, something crazy happened.

The other night I finished a print and it was perfect, no problems and everything was great. Then the next morning I started a new print and since it was the same part I didn't even pay attention (I just started the print and walked away)... when I came back to check on it the X axis was literally slamming back and forth between the ends violently.

I obviously turned off the machine and turned it back on and discovered for absolutely no reason that the X axis was moving like a factor of at least 10 times what it should be. I.e. if I told it to move 0.1mm it moved almost a centimeter... 1 mm was like 10 cm.... this explains why it was slamming back and forth trying to print at least..

But WHY did this happen? I tried putting a new stepper motor on the X axis that I had and i experienced the same behavior so I'm pretty sure it's not the stepper... anyone ever seen a control board suddenly freak out and do this??

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Linear bearings used in A3 carriage?

by mnelson78

I'm wanting to 3D print a new carriage for my A3, and I'd like to order new bearings for it as I plan to bed the bearings in place with epoxy and don't want to mess with my original bearings. Anyone know the specs/size of the carriage bearings?

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Please help prepare Preheat PLA1 won´t heat

by tomy123

im ensambled jgaurora folowing the steps form the video in part Prepare Preheat Pla1 not work. it doesn´t heat. do you know how to solve it? the screen lcd descrease the light when i put preheat.

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