Designs you want to see ADDED to an existing product!

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Post ideas you would like to see added to an existing product.

Mini Switch Lamp styles currently avail: MC cube, Moon.
Future Ideas: Logo Projector, Star, Disco ball, Death Star, UFO beam, Light bulb, Crystal, MC campfire, Light saber....

JT flashlight styles currently avail: Basic, Tactical, MC Torch.
Future ideas: Moon, light saber, Star trek phaser, Bender Rodriguez, Arc Reactor, Street lamp....

So post any ideas you want to see become a reality... or design some that work with a kit and share them with the group!!!

+1 on the Disco Ball, Death Star, Logo Projector
+1 on Light Saber flashlight, Arc Reactor

A few other ideas:
Lava Lamp
Light up Bracelet or Watch Design
Something that could incorporate black light / glow in the dark filaments
Maybe a few holiday themed ones (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving)

I like the lava lamp!
I hadn't even thought about wearables, but yeah, that opens up an entire field of thought! Great ideas Greg!
I just did the ATAT and designed it to also be a christmas ornament... and it comes with antlers that snap on! :)
But yeah, holiday themed builds are always in demand. Id have to start on valentines day now, LOL