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K8206, E3D Titan and BLtouch

by Abeforth

Hy all..i need your experience..=)
So i have a K8200 and do alot of moddings on it..
What ive done.
-E3D V6 Hotend
-Tensioner dor x and y axis
-Upgrade the Headbett to 24V with a SSD Relais
Mount the Original Z axis Upgrade
Mount the original Borsolit glass

So atm im at work to upgrade it again...the controller K8201 and K8206 is allready orderet..
I orderet a E3D Titan and a BLtouch sensor to..

The new bed from K8206 isnt headet so i rebuild it by my own.

Now i have sone questions.
-is here someone how had installed the BLtouchsensor on his K8200 Printer and can tell me how to install the wires and what i must chance into the firmware?
Wen install The BLtoch can i remove the original Z endstop?

-Is here someone how had the K8206 too and can tell me what i must chance in the firmware for the bigger bed size?

-someone cab give me little tips to install the Titan?

I like to write how good the own rebuild of the new bed works..
And im sorry for my english..
Thx to all

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Pro switch box for K8200

by Justy_guy

I have this idea for looooong time... It is a printed case for a small switch. It has 2 main moving parts: protected start button and emergency stop button...
I need some ideas for this project like where to mount it on the printer and how to mount it on the printer.

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MKS Base conversion for K8200

by Middleman

Hi guys just letting you know I've posted full installation instructions and a mount STL for the MKS Base if you are interested in upgrading your machine > http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1836898

Velleman K8200 MKS Base Conversion
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Mods for the K8200

by Yngel

Have any of you tried to modify your K8200? Change the bed? Change the hot end?

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upgrade heated bed to 24 V

by BVD

I want to upgrade my original heated bed to 24V so I can print ABS .
I was wondering is someone already have done it.
did they use the original heated bed or is it better to buy the MK3 heated bed ?

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