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K8200 milling machine extension!

by FrisoHD

Hello again fellow K8200 users!
See the improved easy print rotary holder below!


A holder to attach a Proxxon rotary tool to your Velleman K8200! Turn your printer into an milling machine! This is an easy print rotary holder that takes little time to print.

Two square Ø5mm bolts
One regular Ø3mm bolt
Two 25mm Ø5mm screws, flat ended
One 15 Ø3mm screw, flat ended

Take care with the rotary tool and use it and the holder responsibly - otherwise it can be very dangerous. Also make sure your print of the holder is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the rotary tool before use.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Rotary holder for CNC - for Velleman K8200
by FrisoHD
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K8200 calligraphy / plotting extension!

by FrisoHD

Hello fellow K8200 owners!
I have a fun and simple extension for the K8200, check it out:


Upgrade your K8200 to a 2D plotter for any material you can draw with! Crayon, pencil, ink, gold, you name it!

Two square Ø5mm bolts
Two 25mm Ø5mm screws, flat ended
Two 20 Ø3mm screws, flat ended

Attach holder exactly opposite to the nozzle of the printer.
Put a sheet of paper on the print surface holding it in place with clothes pegs or similar.
Place a pen, marker, pencil or brush in the holder so it only barely touches the surface.
Create special settings within your slicer that adjust for the position of the pen, properly lift the pen in between strokes and before and after printing (using z-lifts/z-hops), and turn off the plate and nozzle heating. (Experiment carefully so as not to create a dangerous situation or destroy your printer!) Scale 3D models to the height of a single layer before slicing.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Calligraphy / plotting extension - for Velleman K8200
by FrisoHD
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Turn K8200 into something like big prusa

by Justy_guy

I'll try to turn my old, anything but not reliable K8200 into something like prusa or CR10 with 300x300mm heatbed (I didn't figure out Z height yet, but seems like it can be way over 200mm). Already I have just frame and motors left, everything else is rebuilded :D... (Ramps 1.4 full graphic smart controler, 1,75mm direct drive extruder, J-head v6, GT2 belts, optical X and Y endstops, of course custom marlin fw and a lot more...)
Ithink I can use MK2S/MK2.5 X axis and extruder assembly, with one Z motor and belt connected leadscrews.
Is anyone interested in this project?

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K8206, E3D Titan and BLtouch

by Abeforth

Hy all..i need your experience..=)
So i have a K8200 and do alot of moddings on it..
What ive done.
-E3D V6 Hotend
-Tensioner dor x and y axis
-Upgrade the Headbett to 24V with a SSD Relais
Mount the Original Z axis Upgrade
Mount the original Borsolit glass

So atm im at work to upgrade it again...the controller K8201 and K8206 is allready orderet..
I orderet a E3D Titan and a BLtouch sensor to..

The new bed from K8206 isnt headet so i rebuild it by my own.

Now i have sone questions.
-is here someone how had installed the BLtouchsensor on his K8200 Printer and can tell me how to install the wires and what i must chance into the firmware?
Wen install The BLtoch can i remove the original Z endstop?

-Is here someone how had the K8206 too and can tell me what i must chance in the firmware for the bigger bed size?

-someone cab give me little tips to install the Titan?

I like to write how good the own rebuild of the new bed works..
And im sorry for my english..
Thx to all

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