K8206, E3D Titan and BLtouch

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Hy all..i need your experience..=)
So i have a K8200 and do alot of moddings on it..
What ive done.
-E3D V6 Hotend
-Tensioner dor x and y axis
-Upgrade the Headbett to 24V with a SSD Relais
Mount the Original Z axis Upgrade
Mount the original Borsolit glass

So atm im at work to upgrade it again...the controller K8201 and K8206 is allready orderet..
I orderet a E3D Titan and a BLtouch sensor to..

The new bed from K8206 isnt headet so i rebuild it by my own.

Now i have sone questions.
-is here someone how had installed the BLtouchsensor on his K8200 Printer and can tell me how to install the wires and what i must chance into the firmware?
Wen install The BLtoch can i remove the original Z endstop?

-Is here someone how had the K8206 too and can tell me what i must chance in the firmware for the bigger bed size?

-someone cab give me little tips to install the Titan?

I like to write how good the own rebuild of the new bed works..
And im sorry for my english..
Thx to all

Hello Abeforth,

you can see my modifications of the K8200 on my website www.oliver-schlenker.dyndns.org.
(It's only in german!)

About the firmware-changing i wrote you an direct-message.

When you speake german i can recommend you the reprap-forum.
There's an subtopic of K8200 aka 3DRag:




Hallo Oliver
Ich danke für deine Antwort, und werde mir deine seite ansehen.

Liebe Grüsse

Hi Abeforth,
I haven't done anything you described so I really can't help you. But I just wanted to say that it's so nice to see someone else using also K8200 :D
What I have done to my K8200 so far are only these two things:


Fan tunnel for Velleman K8200 3D printer
LED light for K8200 printers

Hy Donald82
Thx for your answer.
Jeah i use the K8200 its a good printer with alot of optimization potentila.
i hope here is somewere how can help my by my questions..=)
I can recomme ya to replace your Original Hotend to a E3D V6...the printresults ar much better as with the original one..great problem by the original one is the Teflonpipe..it doesnt do a good warm-coold border..=)