Turn K8200 into something like big prusa

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I'll try to turn my old, anything but not reliable K8200 into something like prusa or CR10 with 300x300mm heatbed (I didn't figure out Z height yet, but seems like it can be way over 200mm). Already I have just frame and motors left, everything else is rebuilded :D... (Ramps 1.4 full graphic smart controler, 1,75mm direct drive extruder, J-head v6, GT2 belts, optical X and Y endstops, of course custom marlin fw and a lot more...)
Ithink I can use MK2S/MK2.5 X axis and extruder assembly, with one Z motor and belt connected leadscrews.
Is anyone interested in this project?

It's starting to look like a printer again :D

I think I'm over the point of no return...

I tried this some time ago and decided to build a bigger frame for bigger prints but didn't continue so far.
Since my mainboard was gone I bought several spareparts and am no looking for an idea how to manage this. Perhaps your idea could be the inpiring glitch ;) I thought about a 300mm x 300mm bed and a height about 500mm. The J-Head is a fine thing but I prefer a MK8 for this job because I have one left ;)

How can you increase the size of the bed without increasing the size of the frame ?

There are my "K8200" and MK2S - MK2S have 250mm X axis and it is still tiny compared to K8200. The best configuration for K8200 frame parts will look like drawing on the paper, I belive... And it should still fit in my enclosure. By the way I've build the K8200 enclosure way before ordering MK2S and somehow the Ikea Lack table (used by most prusa owners) fits perfectly on it :D

Oh and i can fit myself in the K8200 enclosure! :D

Because it's an XY bedflinger being turned in a Y only bedflinger? The K8200 footprint is huge compared to an I3 style printer